Mercedes Benz C Class review , features , performance , advantages and disadvantages

Mercedes-Benz vehicles offer various dual-zone technology for the climate control , dimming rear-view , LED running lamps & audio connectivity , among many other features , It combines the exemplary performance and class-leading luxury with the impeccable safety standards & the outstanding environmental credentials .

Mercedes-Benz cars

From the dynamic and highly efficient A-Class to the luxurious and spacious E-Class or S-Class , Mercedes-Benz presents a wide range of vehicles to suit each budget , It offers high levels of specification as standard and exceptional WLC .

Mercedes-Benz vehicles deliver outstanding cost-efficiency across the board , They offer remarkably low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions , reducing running costs , They provide low whole life costs & exceptional write-down values , making them the perfect solution to any company car driver’s needs .

Mercedes-Benz vehicles focus on different multimedia options to benefit the technological enhanced users , The superb smart phone integration option is beneficial for the users in both the short and long run , There are superb collision alert system , traction control for anti-lock brakes & related features that enhances the safety system of the car.

Mercedes Benz C Class

Mercedes Benz C Class

Mercedes Benz C Class features

Mercedes-Benz C-Class is one of the most popular small luxury car lines , It has enjoyed most liked luxury car status since its introduction to the auto world in 1993 , It offers different standard & safety procedures which attracts different customers and it offers different benefits to the customers by upgrading the car .

Mercedes-Benz C-Class offers excellent mileage for a non-hybrid vehicle , With 24 mpg in the city and 31 on the highway, We will spend less on gas , It presents full airbag protection to the driver & front passenger , We will be protected in the event of an accident with separate airbags for the chest , side , pelvis and knees .

Mercedes Benz C Class comes up different features , It presents state of the art automobile technology to its customers , There are different trim levels in it , It comes in coupe and sedan forms , It comes up with a four-cylinder and possess standard features such as seven-speed automatic transmission , rear-wheel drive and it comes up with various models to attract the customers .

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class has been completely redesigned , as compared to the 2014 model ,The turbocharged engine has been upgraded from a 1.8 liter capacity to a full 2.0 liters & It offers 241 HP and 273 LB-FT of torque , 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class , on the other hand , provides 201 HP and 229 LB-FT of torque , The body of the 2015 version is 220 lbs lighter than previous versions .

Length and width , at 184.5 and 71.4 inches respectively , They are slightly longer than the dimensions of the 2014 model , at 180.8 and 69.7 inches respectively , Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC all-wheel drive technology comes standard for 2015 models .

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is spacious , Cabin of 2015 C-Class is larger than in previous generations of this luxury vehicle , The greater wheelbase provides more rear-seat leg room , granting maximum comfort to the tallest members of the family .

Front seat is spacious , with more than enough room for the head , shoulders and legs , This car offers a staggering 17 cubic feet of storage space and the rear seats slide forward to allow for maximum stowage capabilities .

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is easy to drive , It is equipped with the world’s first multi-link suspension system , Each rear wheel comes with five links to create a single dimension of motion which is smooth and refined with a sporty element .

The new torque vectoring incorporated into the 2015 C-Class uses physics and geometry to create the perfect ride , The sleek , contoured outlines of Mercedes-Benz C-Class are sure to turn heads left and right , The boost to your self-esteem makes a very good reason to purchase a Mercedes .

Mercedes-Benz C-Class is promoted as having six dimensions of vision , It offers high-definition cameras that look ahead and around the vehicle to ensure that you stay out of harm’s way , It offers multi-purpose cameras , multi-range radar and wide variety of sensors during your drive which presents rest and relaxation during your ride in your second home .

Optional Driver Assistance Package includes systems which can automatically detect the impending collision and alert the driver , If the driver fails to respond in a timely fashion , the radar-based , the autonomous braking will promptly engage , They give the driver the time to swerve around the obstruction and continue the drive .

Mercedes-Benz C-Class offers UHD Touchscreen Controls , 8.4-inch touchscreen display is made up of the staggering 864 , 400 pixels , It offers images which are clearer than glass , Animated menus is easy to operate and fun to use , making your drives less stressful.

There is Air Balance Package that is an add-on to the 2015 C-Class line , It is designed to enhance your personal well-being , The specialized dispenser provides subtle aromatherapy while you drive , A superb ionizer purifies the air by eliminating mold spores , the bacteria & the allergens .

Mercedes-Benz C-Class offers user-friendly technology , The technology bundle in is impressive , The touchscreen command panel can take you to many favorite places , It helps you dodge traffic on the way & it can play music from the personal collection or import the songs from artists across the world .

The standard technology included in the C-Class offers Bluetooth Audio streaming , a San-disk card reader , Dual USB ports , A 13-speaker , 590-watt surround-sound system & A Wi-Fi Hotspot .

High-tech features presented in the C-Class are superior to those offered by the competition ,  These superb features give the users an attractive touch and enhance the convenient usage of the car .

Mercedes Benz vehicles disadvantages

Mercedes Benz C Class is not at all cheap because it gives high-class luxury to the customers , different test drivers claim that the price of this car is high as compared to the other models and competitors present in the market .

Many critics claim that the price value of this car is not as attractive as the other models of Mercedes , It is a high-class option for different buyers and comes up with attractive option but on the other hand , it is a bit pricey.

Superb 4Matic system in the Mercedes Benz is used to increase the traction on the slippery roads and it prevents skidding , 4Matic system controls the 4-wheels and transmission to create the increased traction effect and it is a great feature , It is complex , It comes with many functions and it is liable to have troubles in the future .

Mercedes Benz 4Matic is working all of the time , So , There is more stress on your engine , But on some cars , you could turn them on and off , but having no control over the 4Matic system is not a good thing , You do not need your engine working harder than it has to , It could cost you to repair parts in your car much sooner than necessary .

Mercedes Benz 4Matic would be highly expensive to repair , you may have to repair your whole transmission since 4Matic operates through your transmission and your wheels .

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