Comodo Dragon browser features, advantages and disadvantages

Comodo Dragon is AC based web browser and includes some qualities of Chromium, It is only available for Microsoft Windows Operating System, It is available in only English language, Comodo Dragon has the most advanced and authentic privacy features and measures, and it is recommended for safe and private browsing.

Comodo Dragon browser advantages

Comodo Dragon browser is an almost carbon copy of Google Chrome as they use Chromium open source project, You get a feeling of Google Chrome while browsing, It has fast like as Google Chrome, You can open common sites those can’t open on Google Chrome.

Comodo Dragon is a free web browser that is based on Chromium and it is produced by Comodo Group, It is similar to Google Chrome but Comodo Dragon does not implement Chrome‘s user tracking and some other potentially privacy-compromising features.

Comodo Dragon browser provides additional security measures such as indicating the authenticity and relative strength of a website’s Secure Sockets Layer SSL certificate.

Comodo Dragon performs additional checks on SSL digital certificates of the secure websites, and it informs the users if the certificate of the site may be of insufficient strength.

Comodo Dragon browser

Comodo Dragon browser

Comodo Dragon includes an on-demand site inspector that is designed to determine if the site hosts malicious code, It features its own built-in updater If Dragon is not installed, You will have the option of keeping Dragon’s cache and cookie files or deleting them.

Comodo Dragon is a fast, secure and feature-rich Internet browser based on Firefox, It is a faster, more secure version of Firefox, It is fast, easy to use and light on PC resources, It can scan web-pages for malware right from the browser, It has privacy and performance enhancements that over Firefox core, It has full compatibility with Firefox plug-ins.

Comodo Dragon is much faster than Firefox, and it has many built-in security features, It helps to decrease some fears of browsing online, You can sign into your Google Account.

Comodo Dragon is fast Internet Browser based on Chromium, with the highest level of security, It provides privacy enhancements at lightning speed, It helps you stay safe and secure, It provides unsurpassed speed.

Comodo Dragon is a highly recommended browser that is based on Chromium, and it is a powerful browser, It has a friendly user interface to start with customized plugins and add-ons, It has no more crashes or frozen screens.

Disadvantages of Comodo Dragon browser 

Comodo Dragon has a problem of crashing and restarting the computer on Windows 7, It is a problem that found in Google Chrome, It is Windows only version, Comodo Dragon has all the default settings as Google Chrome.

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