Free WordPress Themes features , advantages and disadvantages

Free WordPress themes are simple & easy to use , These free themes are compatible with most WordPress plugins , Free themes don’t have a lot of premium features & widgets , If your website does not use of a lot of plugins , this can make a speedy WordPress website which will improve your technical SEO .

Free WordPress themes advantages

The greatest benefit of a free WordPress theme is the cost , It is free , It lowers the barrier of entry to start a blog , Free WordPress themes are held to a higher quality standard , All themes in the official WordPress theme directory go through a strict theme review process , Free WordPress themes support standard WordPress features , quality HTML , CSS , security & privacy .

There are many free wordpress themes , there are many plugins & configuration settings that they support , If the plugin does not work with the theme you choose , you can find another one and you can report the issue if you would like to help others who meet the same problem .

Free WordPress Themes do not cost you anything , you can simply download the theme you want & start using it , While a premium theme could be very expensive , if you purchase one but it does not work well with some plugins , it is difficult to get back your money if you want to return the theme to the developer .

Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Themes

Though Free WordPress themes are free , The users can find good support about the queries , Many developers respond to the queries and the comments in forums , you can get great support from WP Codex and official forums .

Free WordPress themes do not burn a hole in your pocket , So , you can download & start to use it , and if you find that it is not the one you are looking for , you can change it with another one , this can be expensive if you are using a premium WordPress theme , You can download free theme that best suit your needs .

Free WordPress Theme is suitable for new website owners , WordPress premium themes require the payment , and many of these don’t come cheap , Some theme sellers don’t accept the returns , so , if you don’t like the theme you bought , or it isn’t compatible with your plugins , you may be stuck with something you can’t use .

Free WordPress themes disadvantages

Free WordPress themes offer limited features & there is no extra functionality , that many larger & more professional websites require , Some free themes have over 1 million downloads , They are not unique when they are compared with premium themes .

As anyone can download them without payment , many websites will use the same theme , there aren’t many customization options available on free themes but there are on premium themes , Free themes offer no support if there is an issue , There are so many contributors to free themes that WordPress cannot track who the theme author or developer is .

Some free WordPress themes may be poorly coded ( buggy ) , that could make your site vulnerable to the security issues , not all free themes are created equal , there are different WordPress licenses , so , when you download the theme , it is best to know what you can legally do with it .

If they are not well-coded , They may make your site hard to rank high , Some free themes may come with spam links , Free WordPress themes are distributed with no warranties , If you use a free theme , it doesn’t offer a specific functionality that you’re looking for .

Free WordPress themes usually have fewer options , Free themes support many standard WordPress features but many of them don’t have extra features such as creating the buttons , using short-codes & create landing pages .

Free WordPress theme are used by a lot of the websites & blogs , you can find many similar Free themes look like each other , so , your website will not have a unique design , Free WordPress themes can not work properly as they do not come with warranty or assurance of working and update is not as great as that of Premium themes .

There are limited options to customize the visual appearance of free themes , Free themes do not have some features that included in premium themes , The creators of free themes do not want to make a fully functional WordPress theme as they are receiving no compensation .

There are more free themes released & not all of them are of high quality , Most free themes are designed by the individuals for various reasons , They may not have the level of experience to write a well-coded WordPress theme , So , there are compatibility issues with various plugins , it can lead to the website crashes , the potential of security threats & loss of data .

Many free WordPress themes do not contain regular updates or any type of support , So , your website will more vulnerable to the security problems & affect compatibility with plugins , there is a lack of quality coding , there is a small chance of receiving the theme that was created with the sole intention of spreading malicious software to the other computers .

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