Windows Vista operating system features , advantages and disadvantages

Windows Vista surf the net and it  provides high level of security measures  , It has parental controls , It has encryption features , It has Flip and Flip 3d window switching , It has Games explorer , It has Windows search , Welcome center , Sync center and Self-healing system .

Windows Vista Advantages

Windows Vista  has enhanced Video Quality and  Photo gallery , It has fast sleep and resume , It has Live task bar thumbnails , Windows Vista looks similar to Mac OSX , Minimize , maximize and the close buttons wore an entire new strange look , The windows can be made to appear in translucent , 3D modes , if the new Aero is applied .

The appearance of window , desktop , start button , start menu , task bar have got a new look , Windows Vista has advanced firewall ,  Windows Vista has Windows defender , And it has auto backup  , You can add additional clocks to show the time of some other country in Windows Vista .

You can control kids by using parental controls in Windows Vista , You can now keep track of what all activities done by the child  , So , parent must setup separate account for the child with different password .

Windows vista

Windows vista

Windows Vista helps the parents to control the activities by blocking certain activities such as running a game program , blocking some sites that the child might have visited .

You can play multimedia contents using the latest media player which bundled with Windows Vista , The Windows Media Player 11 enhances video , audio quality when playing sound , music , videos , Start menu also got a new look , The desktop wallpapers got a new look too .

Windows Vista has got new look and has got a series of rich features , These features include URGE services from MTV digital music services , Simplified Library , Library layouts , The newest URGE services provide access to the huge collection of online music , And  song collections .

We can modify the photos ,  We can transfer or share the photos from the computer to the devices such as the mobile phones as Windows Vista has got Photo Gallery to manage digital photos , The photo gallery  has the ability to work high precision , high quality images which are produced by latest high quality cameras .

Windows Vista is supported  for a lot of drivers that is automatically installed , Internet got faster , Aero looks pretty cool , It has its own security , It has simplified library , It improves customization options , And it has fast response time .

Windows Vista Disadvantages

Windows Vista  consumes a lot more resources than its predecessor Windows XP , For vista Aero to work , you need to invest something more than what you would have expected to invest before , And it requires superb computer to install , It needs high memory .

Windows vista eats up lot of resources than its predecessor , the system will work smoothly when we have got RAM of about 2 GB installed , It is not as many applications supported as XP and will get better , It can not use Visual Styles such as Msstyles .

Windows Vista is not compatible with too many systems which means you may want to double check your systems compatibility before you invest in Vista , when you decide to install Windows vista in the old system  , the graphics card requirement is quite high , The graphics card must be of Direct X 10 supported .

Windows Vista  appears similar to that of MAC OSX  , the minimize , maximize , and close buttons have reduced in sizes causing some difficulty for those with sight problems , The icon has disappeared which makes the window slightly dull in appearance .

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