Graphics Design types, uses, advantages and disadvantages

Graphics presentations are the popular method to present large quantities of data, They act as a great visual guide to the information being delivered, They offer convenience to the audience, It is easier to read the chart rather than listening to a set of numbers and trying to make sense of it.

Graphics Design

The term “graphic design” was coined in 1922 by William Addison Dwiggins, a book designer who felt the term better encapsulated the entire design process. Many talented graphic designers are self-taught or have learned through online courses or boot camps.

People process visual information much faster than text, it only takes about 400 milliseconds for the human brain to process the visual elements of a design! This is why strong graphic design is so important for grabbing attention and getting your message across.

The iconic Nike swoosh was designed by a college student named Carolyn Davidson for a mere $35 in 1971! Although Carolyn received a small fee initially, her contribution to Nike has certainly been recognized over time, and the design is now instantly recognizable around the world.

The world’s most popular font, Helvetica, was designed in 1957 by a Swiss designer named Max Miedinger and has become a worldwide favorite. This clean and simple font is used by countless companies around the world, including American Airlines, Jeep, Target, and Verizon Wireless. You see Helvetica everywhere from logos to government documents.

Another popular font, Comic Sans, is widely disliked among graphic designers, but that didn’t stop one designer from creating a font combining the two – introducing “Comic Papyrus”. The very first watermark dates back to 1282! It was used much in the same way we use watermarks today, as a security measure to protect documents and prevent counterfeiting.

Graphics Advantages

The graphics presentation uses charts and graphs, It is a quick way for the audience to visualize the charts, the numbers, and the trends, up or down, It is forceful as it emphasizes the main point, It is convincing as it proves a point, Using the visual information along with the spoken word is the great way to reach some of the audience.

The graphics presentation is a compact way to convey the information, It is more interesting than just talk or print, It is used to show and compare the changes, It is used to show and compare the relationships and it is used to bring the facts to life.

Graphics disadvantages

The graphics presentations can be time-consuming to construct and they may take away from the main point being discussed, The data may show a false picture of the situation.

The graphics are effective when they are free of distractions and some of the audiences may lose focus by diverting the attention to flashy graphics in the presentation.

If the graphics are done in a particular way, they make the data look better or worse than they are and some of the audience may be misled by the graphics that do not tell the full story.

Advantages of Graphic Packages

The graphic package is the application that can be used to create and manipulate the images in the computer, It can defined as the essential kits that help the graphic artists to create different types of computer-generated artwork such as painting and drawing as well as photographs.

There are two types of graphic packages which are Painting packages and Drawing packages, The painting package produces the image by changing the colour of the pixel on the screen, The bits mapped graphics are used for the images such as the scanned photographs or the pictures taken with the digital camera.

The drawing package produces images that are made up of coloured lines and shapes such as circles, squares and rectangles, When the image is saved, it is stored in the vector graphics file as instructions series that can be used to recreate it.

The graphic packages offer drawing straight lines and free-hand lines, It helps you to draw regular per-defined shapes such as squares, rectangles and circles using special tools, you can enter the texts, You can change the style and size of the font, You can change the size of the object or the scale.

The graphic packages are used to create, edit, display, and print the graphic images, They are used to design letterhead paper, birthday cards, wedding cards, complimentary cards, invitation cards, logos, banners, etc and they are used in designing professional artworks.

Disadvantages of Graphic Packages

The individual parts of the image can not be resized, The picture can be increased or decreased in size only, The information has to be stored about every pixel in the image which produces files that use large amounts of backing storage space.

Advantages of vector images

The important point of vector graphics is the power of scalability, It only enlarges the size of the squares making up the image area, It will remain in its best quality, The data can be represented in the original resolution without generalization.

Every line in the vector graphics represents a distinct object, therefore each object can be edited many times at high quality, if we take the art file with the circle in the background, It can be opened and you can change the circle, The vector objects are much smaller than the raster image format If we have a full-size image to update.

Disadvantages of vector images

The drawing image containing trapping information can be scaled up to 20% larger or smaller, Thin lines in the vector images may disappear if we reduce the size too much, Spatial analysis and filtering within the polygon is not possible.

The time consumption is very high and also specific talent must be needed to create it, The photographs can not be taken as vector images, It must be drawn by the artist and it must be edited in software such as Adobe Illustrator.

The vector images are not as cost-effective as the raster images, You have to store the location of each vector separately, The algorithms for the manipulative and analysis functions are complex and they may be processing intensive and they limit the functionality for larger data sets.

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