Visual Communication features, advantages and disadvantages

Visual communication attracts and maintains the audience’s attention, It is the transmission of information by the use of a non-verbal medium such as the gestures, the visual aids, the facial expression, the posters etc, This type of communication targets the recipients eyes only, That is why it is called the visual communication.

Visual communication involves the use of visual elements such as drawings, the illustrations and the electronic images to convey the ideas and the information to the audience, The visual presentation of information and data is having an increasing impact on our practical life.

There are two main types of audio-visual communication, the live communication at the event and the communication through the published content, The use of audio-visual aids can help you communicate and you will be more likely to remember the information.

The communication that is done through the sight is called the visual communication, It also includes the graphic design, the illustration and the animation, the books, the print, the magazines, the screen-based media, the interactive web design, short film, design for advertising, promotion, corporate identity and packaging design etc.

Forms of Visual Communication are the expressions, the hand gestures, the props, the models, the text , the posters, the images, the graphs, the charts, the drawings and the sketches, the projections, the signs and the symbols and the logos.

Visual Communication

Visual Communication

Advantages of visual communication

The visual communication helps in re-enforcing the oral communication & supporting it, if you are reading about something, You need to add the visual aids such as the graphs, the diagrams and the charts to the content that you are reading to understand what you are reading and you can explain the meaning of it very easily.

The pictures and the illustrations have stronger impact than the words, The pictures can be used to tell the things that the words do not have the strength to tell, The visual communication makes the person more involved and connected, as the visuals can pull down most barriers of communication and open up the people.

The visual communications can be understood by the literate and the illiterate people, So, You will be able to see the things with the eyes unlike the written communication that requires that you are educated and able to read and write before you can understand it.

You do not need to speak a particular language, The visual communication is the communication where the ideas and the information can be read or viewed through the means of visual aid, Most of business organizations are using it to present the information.

The visual communication helps to take a quick decision, So, the management prefers the visual techniques to communicate with the others, It will be more effective to exchange the information and you can easily understand the information that is presented visually.

The complex information, the data and the figures can be easily presented very simply on the graphs, the pictures and the diagrams, The picture is retained in our memory longer than the words or the quotes and the people will remember the visuals  very well.

The visual communication prevents the wastage of time, Written and oral communication takes much time to exchange the information, But number of receivers can be communicated at a time through the visual methods.

The visual communication is very popular because the people do not like much speech and long explanation rather than the chart & the diagram, It is very fast, The graphic of any kind can elicit a stronger reaction from the reader, It is more efficient way of communicating with less effort & time.

Visual communication disadvantages

The visual communication involves the use of poorly designed visual aids that are difficult to understand or see, If the irrelevant information is presented, the images can be distracting and impede the main concepts.

The visual communication can be very expensive to produce it, Unlike some other channels of communication such as the oral communication, Storing the visual communication can be very expensive, Only large company or organization can use this technique as drawing the maps, charts & diagram is very costly.

The visual communication takes more time and effort to produce it, Just imagine the amount of the time and the effort that goes into the creation of the visual aids such as the graphs, the maps, the diagrams etc and it is not alone sufficient for exchanging the information.

When the visual presentation of information becomes complex, The receivers can not understand the meaning of the presentation, It will be an incomplete method, It will not sufficient to communicate effectively and clearly but it can be successfully used with the oral communication.

The visual communication takes much time to communicate, Whereas the oral communication takes no time to exchange the  information, It is difficult to understand, it requires a lot of repetitions in visual communication, Since it uses the gestures, the facial expressions, the eye contact, touch etc, for communicating with the others, they may not be understandable for the simple people.

It is difficult to present all the topics or the subject matters, All the information can not be displayed through the visual communication, So, the whole concept or idea will not be understandable, It requires more time and effort to select, compile, and present the information.

You need special knowledge and efficiency to deal with visual communication, The graphs, charts or table may be in wrong order, The decision taken based on the wrong information may lead to ineffective output or fruitless result and small amount of information can be conveyed via the graphics only.

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