AutoCAD software features, use, advantages & disadvantages

AutoCAD software is the most comprehensive mechanical product design & drafting software that caters to various needs of the mechanical engineering companies, It comes with a complete set of powerful drafting and detailing tools for drafting the professionals.

Advantages of using AutoCAD

AutoCAD software saves a huge time, saving time is equal to earn more income by more output, It is a simple enough software with a real user-friendly interface, It is easy to grasp and it can provide you the basic exposure, It is very beneficial in designing 3D, It reduces the time for the new designs, and the products can be created more quickly.

AutoCAD software is helpful, It has a large set of parts and features that you can choose for your designs, It offers powerful and quick dimensions, You can use the simplified tools, you can generate the dimensions to control and expand only the important variables for manufacturing easily.

AutoCAD software is incorporation for International Drafting Standards, Compliance with the industry standards improves the internal communication and the results in reliable production outputs, It presents easy data swapping, It comes with in-built industry, standard STEP and IGES formats for the exchanging data between different CAD systems.

AutoCAD software

AutoCAD software

AutoCAD software comes with specific drafting tools for generating standards Industry based geometric dimensions, surface texture symbols, mechanical symbols, and weld symbols, and AutoCAD firm can increase their productivity manifold.

AutoCAD software automatically redraws the geometry to illustrate the dashes and the hidden lines of parts that are blocked by the other parts in the mechanical design, It enables you to produce very accurate designs, and drawings can be created in 2D or 3D and rotated.

AutoCAD software offers a professional look, It has flexibility in design changes, It has auto specification check feature, It has reduced design timescape, It offers easy reuse of the designs, The costly mistakes in the design or the production can be avoided, and you can modify the existing ideas that save the time.

AutoCAD software reduced the manufacturing time, The documentation can be printed in various forms for multiple users, It presents ease of document reproduction and cloning, and it offers the visualization of the complex technical elements.

AutoCAD software offers the quality of the designs, It presents the clarity of the documentation, It is easier to apply the new ideas, It can be more accurate than hand-drawn designs, It reduces the human error, You can save and edit the ideas, and it makes it easier and cheaper to modify your design.

AutoCAD software reduced the design timescales, Reuse of the designs, Drawing errors can be corrected easily, The drawings can be sent/received via email in seconds, and AutoCAD software offers rapid prototyping.

AutoCAD software helps the designer to automatically check if the design is within the specification, It enables the clients to view the designs at an earlier stage in the design process, and it helps the clients to check the progress of functional and semi-functional prototypes.

Disadvantages of using AutoCAD

AutoCAD software is not so much suited for 3D as it has fewer options, It can not be used in complex designs, If you are into heavy assembly work don’t rely on this software, It can not be used in Complex Programming, A large amount of memory and speed is required, Training and equipment are very costly.

AutoCAD software has expansive start-up costs (the hardware, the software, and training), It can be very expensive, so, the initial costs are high, There are free software packages though, The people need to be trained on how to use the software that also adds to the costs, and it requires a PC.

AutoCAD software needs the time & the cost of implementing the system, It needs time & cost of training the people to use it, so, It is very expensive in training, It needs the time & the cost of migrating legacy drawings into AutoCAD format.

AutoCAD software consumes large amounts of the computer processing power, It requires high-quality computer hardware that can be costly, It requires advanced manufacturing devices which are very expensive, It is not easy for first-time users to learn the software, In addition to the cost of training personnel.

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