Earthquakes and safety precautions must be taken at the occurrence of earthquakes

Earthquakes has damage effects on the roads
The earthquake

The earthquakes

The earthquakes are rapid and successive shakes of the ground which take place one after the other , Every day , the Earth’s crust is exposed to nearly 400 earthquakes , Actually we do not feel them , but the seismic and the remote sensation detecting centers record and track them .

Causes of the earthquakes occurrence :

  1. Breaking of the crust and formation of faults ( The direct cause of the earthquakes occurrence ) .

    You should know that Fault is a fracture in the Earth’s crust that leads to the sliding of rocks in a vertical direction or in a horizontal direction on both sides of the fracture .

  2. Volcanic eruption that may be accompanied by shaking of the ground due to the movement of molten materials and trapped gases before and during their coming out of the Earth’s surface .

Not all volcanic activities are accompanied by earthquakes .

Earthquakes are recorded by an apparatus known as ” Seismograph ” , Earthquakes vary in their intensity between very unfelt smooth shakes and extremely violent shakes that lead to great damages .

Dangers of earthquakes : 

  1. Earthquakes cause great losses in spirits and building .

  2. They cause roads blocking , dams destroying and occurrence of great fires . 
  3. They causes extremely high waves in the seas which destroy and submerge the coastal cities , These waves are called ” tsunami waves ”  ( marine tide waves ) . 

    Tsunami waves are waves of extreme height caused by earthquakes that take place in the seas’ bottom .


Benefits of earthquakes :

It is possible to know the Earth’s internal structure by studying of seismic waves of earthquakes and their reflections on the separating surfaces between the inner Earth’s layer .

Safety and security precautions must be taken at the occurrence of earthquakes :

  • If you were at a building , you must sit under a hard table .
  • If you were outdoors , you must go away as far as possible from building .
  • If you were in the car , you must remain inside . 

    Earthquakes consequences  are dangerous shakes that follow the earthquakes occurrence and they are relatively less in strength .

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