The positive and negative effects of cars

Advantages of cars

The cars are very useful & helpful to the human in the life , They can transport the people to important places such as the work , the hospitals & the schools , but they can also pollute & ruin the environment and they can affect on the human health .

The cars can transport the people & goods from one part of the country to the other easily , The people would be very tired from walking long distances if there were no cars , The cars help the people to go to the other places quicker .

The cars help the people to travel around with a great deal of freedom  , The sports cars can do everything that the normal car can do , They can be also used for the luxury and the entertainment .

Negative effects of cars

Car exhausts

Car exhausts

When we increase the using of cars , The risk of traffic accidents will be increased as they are dangerous to the passengers , the pedestrians who do not use the vehicles , the drivers of the cars themselves and the other drivers on the road , The cars can kill many people in the cars crashes , They kill the pedestrians , Many people are dying each year & the others are being injured .

The cars emit the greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide which contribute in the global warming  , Some air pollutants and particulate matters from the cars can be deposited on the soil and the water surface where they enter the food chain that can affect the reproductive , the respiratory , the immune and the neurological systems of animals .

Lead is a pollutant that produced from burning leaded fuel , interferes with normal red blood cell creation by reducing important enzymes in the body , Lead damages the red blood cell membranes and it obstructs with the cell metabolism , it shortens the lifespan of each individual cell and All of these harmful effects can cause Anemia .

The cars are very expensive , The car exhaust causes the chemical pollution for the air & it causes the chest & eye diseases , It causes the respiratory distress especially in the children , elderly people and those who suffer from the respiratory diseases .

The exhaust fumes from the engines of cars contain number of polluting substances such as carbon monoxide and a variety of complex hydrocarbons , Nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides that cause the acid rain which changes the pH of the waterways & the soils and they can harm the organisms that rely on these resources .

The cars cause two types of pollution discharged which are the exhaust emissions & evaporative emissions , the exhaust emissions include dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide , oxides of nitrogen , hydrocarbons & particulates , The evaporative emissions are the vapors of fuel which are released into the atmosphere without being burnt .

They release the chemicals into the environment that cause severe harm to the human as well as the animals , They burn the nonrenewable fossil fuels , So , they cause the pollution which leads to the acid rain that can harm both the humans & the environment .

Benzene is one of the pollutants released by cars , It has been linked to lowered immunity and leukemia , The pollutants from car exhaust can also cause coughing and the breathing difficulties .

The cars cause the smoke which increase the quantity of certain toxic chemicals discharged by the vehicles into the air , the toxic chemicals from the cars can cause the severe irritation to the eyes , the nose , the throat and the lungs , They can also be absorbed into the body and they cause the deterioration in general health .

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