Negative effects of the global warming phenomenon & how to overcome global warming

The global warming phenomenon

Green house effect

The increase of the ratio of greenhouse gases cause the increase of the planet Earth temperature

The global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect, It is the continuous increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air, The increase of the concentration of carbon dioxide gas leads to the increase of the temperature.

The temperature of the planet Earth has been increasing since 1935 due to the increase of greenhouse gases.

The most important greenhouse gases 

Carbon dioxide gas  (The ratio of carbon dioxide gas increased in the atmosphere to 0.038 % in 2005 after it was 0.031 %), Methane gas, Water vapour, Nitrous oxide, and Chlorofluorocarbon compounds.

What are the reasons for increasing carbon dioxide gas ratio in the atmosphere?

The increasing of carbon dioxide gas is due to the forests fires, The fossil fuel burning, and cutting the trees.

The greenhouse phenomenon

The greenhouse effect is the trapping of the infrared radiation in the troposphere layer due to the increase of the ratio of the greenhouse gases which causes the increase of the planet Earth temperature.

When the concentration of greenhouse gases increases in the atmosphere, the atmosphere plays the role of the glass in the greenhouse, Where it permits the visible light and the short-wave rays which produced from the Sun to pass.

The Earth and its components absorb these rays and re-emit the radiation back in the form of infrared radiation which can not penetrate the atmosphere as it has a long wavelength.

So, It is kept trapped in the troposphere layer causing the rise of the planet Earth temperature.

The global warming negative effects

From the most dangerous consequences of global warming is the melting of the snow of the two poles which increase the sea level in the seas and the oceans, It threats the coastal areas as they could drown, and causes the extinction of some polar animals like the polar bear and the seals.

Global warming causes severe climate changes as the repeated occurrence of tropical hurricanes such as hurricane Katrina in 2005, The repeated occurrence of forest fires, drought waves, and destructive floods.

How to overcome global warming

The bad destructive effects of global warming made the representatives of 160 nations in Kyoto, Japan in 1997 to sign a protocol called Kyoto Protocol which suggests reducing the ratio of the bad emission by cutting down the consumption of the fossil fuel and to search for the environmentally friendly alternative energy resources.

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The volcanoes and the safety precautions must be taken at the occurrence of the volcanoes

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