What are the components of the soil?

The soil is a thin non-compacted superficial layer that covers the Earth’s crust, and it is a very important part of the environment, different types of soil are different in color and texture.

Where the color of the soil helps the scientists to identify the elements and the minerals inside it and the texture of the soil is smooth or granular or rocky rough.

The soil components

The soil is made of many components such as water, air, silt, humus and pieces of rocks (which are composed of sand, clay, minerals and gravels).

The main components of the soil are the sand, the humus, and the clay, The variation in the types of the soil depends on the type of the rocks and the minerals.

The rocks are the main source of the sand and the clay which are the main components of the soil, The humus is the decayed remains of the animals and the plants mixed with the soil components, and its color is dark brown or black.

How is the humus formed?

When the living organisms (the plants or the animals) die, their bodies decay forming the humus, So, The animals and the plants affect on the soil composition.

The humus adds nutrients to the soil and it affects the color of the soil, So, the color of the soil is dark brown or black, The soil is composed of minerals mixed with different microorganisms and the decayed materials of the dead organisms.

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The formation and the importance of the soil

The soil layers and the living organisms

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