Artificial intelligence (AI) in writing articles, Robot writing software advantages and disadvantages

Al is a simulation of human intelligence process by a programmed machine, especially computers, It can think like human beings, so, it can take their own decisions without the interference of humans, Artificial Intelligence can be used in planning, problem-solving, knowledge representation, learning, reasoning, perception, and manipulation and, to a lesser extent, social intelligence and creativity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is all about machines learning & adapting, Instead of being programmed in minute detail with everything they need to know to accomplish a particular task, they’re programmed with instructions that allow them to learn from their experience, Artificial Intelligence becomes increasingly sophisticated, it is influencing the world of writing in a number of interesting ways.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Writing Industry

Writers, particularly non-native speakers, may need an extra helping hand with what they’re working on, whether it’s an essay, a blog post, or simply an important email, It’s potentially less great news for professional editors, but, no tool can offer a big-picture substantive editing that a good editor can offer.

Artificial Intelligence can offer automatic editing & proofreading, All software vendors try their best to assist writers by including smart proofreading features in their tools, These features detect grammar & spelling errors and correct them, More advanced AIs such as Microsoft Word (and other word processing programs) marks spelling mistakes, Microsoft Word’s Editor feature have a better understanding of context, It can understand writing nuances and flags overused & complex words.

There are lots of tools that can go far beyond helping you spot typos, There are online writing assistants, like Grammarly that allow you to check contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and sentence structure, It uses AI to spot overly vague phrases, language issues, and much more.

Artificial Intelligence is used in translation from one language to another, and translation has a major upgrade, Instead of translating word by word, You can translate more accurately by phrase or sentence, through an AI system, Writers can translate their whole book into another language for free.

Artificial Intelligence helps you do content research for any given topic, It is simple & intelligent, It can be used for web surveillance, You can get a report of new content posted on specific websites or found specific keywords, You can monitor websites and you can get your report with all important new information.

You can get a new article drafted, full of information & ideas to write about, You can specify a topic you want to write about, You can get content-rich research, information-dense report, You can get new ideas, and you can identify concepts to start writing.

AI systems have changed the face of writing & reading, You can submit any kind of English text and let the AI reword it for you, You can draft your article by copying and pasting from various sources, You can add text from external sources, edit the article, do whatever you want, You can get unique content and post it.

AI-based algorithms will help check plagiarism & detect plagiarized content, Atomic Reach & Yoast use a scoring system to check the quality of your content, they evaluate the readability of your content, Al offers quick scanning, There are AI algorithms, like Algorithmia’s Summarizer that help offer smart summaries of long texts, These help you get the essence of all your reading materials, so, you don’t have to scan them yourself.

Universities & publishers deal with the possibility of plagiarism, While a quick Google search for a couple of lines from a document can be enough to spot egregious forms of plagiarism, There are solutions for Plagiarism, like Turnitin, that check submitted work against their vast database, flagging up cases where there’s a match between the submitted work & existing sources.

AI is used in checking for plagiarism, AI systems can be used to figure out the authorship of a piece of text, it can be used to combat plagiarism, it can be used to unmask authors writing under a pen name, if they’ve written under their own name or to uncover the authorship of anonymous posts on internet forums.

Artificial Intelligence can be used for searching through audio files, Although more content has been produced in video & audio format over the past decades, YouTube channels and podcasts haven’t diminished the amount of text online, The text is always searchable, It is the easiest medium to work with, but video & audio aren’t.

Audio search is becoming a reality, through the power of AI systems, Computers can decode sound, Newer types of text, like scripts for videos or outlines for podcasts, might become increasingly important, But as well as helping with the audio search, AI system could lead to better dictation apps – making it much faster to create written content, too.

Major online book retailers, such as Amazon, depend on complicated algorithms to predict what books someone might be interested in, based on what they’ve already bought, This is seen as a positive use of AI, Artificial Intelligence helps readers to discover books that they’ll hopefully enjoy, and it helps authors to be discovered by readers who might not otherwise have come across their work.

The benefits of AI for newspapers & websites are obvious, Artificial Intelligence can report on breaking stories, it makes it possible to get an article published almost instantly, No human needs to type a single word, AI will become more & more a part of your writing experience as time goes, Perhaps you’re already using a tool like Grammarly, or maybe you rely on dictation software to produce content quickly.

Robot writer advantages

A robot writer uses AI to write, AI-based robot writer must pass the Turing test to be effective, it must be able to convince other humans that it is human, too, it has to be efficient enough to write high-quality content, AI can communicate emotion, In 2011, an undergrad at Duke University had successfully created an AI robot writer who was able to write a poem.

It is difficult for people to imagine the success of AI writers because a lot of them have failed to perform at the same level as human writers, there are AI copywriters who don’t need to get paid, rest, or incur expenses, Al copywriters can perform versatile tasks, from analyzing articles to drafting ad campaigns.

If you take AI writer Heliograf for example, The Washington Post uses the robot to write simple and short stories that can attract more pageviews, So, journalists focus on creating a higher-level investigation and analysis of events, some breaking news stories have been written by AI, It was generated by Heliograf, a bot that made its debut on the Post’s website and marked the most sophisticated use of artificial intelligence in journalism to date.

AI is helping human writers in many ways so that they can complete their work fast, The conclusion is AI will make the writing process much easier & faster but it won’t take over the human writer job, you can expect more systems that help make the writing process easier, AI takes over small writing tasks, humans can focus on bigger topics.

AI system can produce coherent articles, on any subject, requiring only a brief prompt, The AI is unsupervised, meaning it does not have to be retrained to talk about a different topic, AI writing software can write the headline &  submit it, It is good today, and will be better tomorrow, You can get dozens of ideas to write about, AI writer can write poems, novels, and news reports, they are not accessible by the public, the AI that everyone can access can only perform basic writing and proofreading tasks.

Disadvantages of robot writer

Artificial Intelligence may put journalists out of work, it can lead to a lot of low-quality, derivative content, similar to content produced by low-paid content spinners, AI systems can be used to create convincing fake news & articles, it can be used to spread maliciously fake content, Platforms should recognize their role in mitigating their reach & impact, AI technology works word-by-word, and each new addition is generated based on everything that came before it.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) could be a drawback for independent book stores & librarians, AI writers will replace humans, AI should be all about cooperation & not competition, The artificially-intelligent writer may be used for malicious purposes, Machine learning can create a system capable of producing natural language, but the tool could be used to mass-produce convincing fake news.

AI system generates the story word-by-word, The resulting text is often coherent, but rarely truthful, all quotes & attributions are fabricated, the composition of that information is intended to be unique but it can be based on sentences already published online, The system spits out passages of text that do not make a lot of sense structurally, or contain laughable inaccuracies.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using robots in our life

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