Nobi Smart Lamp review, advantages, disadvantages and features

Nobi can be a helpful partner for caregivers, especially at night. It allows them to monitor residents remotely through an app, without disturbing their sleep. Nobi boasts built-in fall detection. If a resident has a fall, the lamp can send an alert for help.

Nobi Smart Lamp

Nobi is a smart lamp, It can monitor activity through in-bed and out-of-bed detection. This allows caregivers to check on residents remotely and intervene if needed, without disturbing their sleep. Nobi isn’t your typical smart lamp. It’s designed specifically with older adults in mind.

Nobi can detect falls and has two-way communication built-in, allowing residents to call for help, and quick assistance if needed. By automating some monitoring tasks, Nobi frees up caregivers’ time to focus on more personalized interactions with residents.

Nobi can provide comfort and connection for residents and allow for quick check-ins. Nobi’s dashboard allows caregivers to remotely monitor a room at night, prioritizing checks for residents who might need more assistance.

Nobi Smart Lamp

Nobi Smart Lamp

You can control the lamp remotely with your phone or voice commands (if compatible with a smart assistant). No more scrambling to find the light switch in the dark. Schedule the lights to turn on and off when you’re away, making it seem like someone is home and deterring potential burglars.

Nobi Smart Lamp advantages

Like most smart lights, Nobi can be controlled remotely using your phone or voice assistants. This lets you adjust lighting from anywhere, turn it on/off when you forget, or create schedules to mimic your presence when away for security.

Nobi offers remote control via a smartphone app, letting you turn it on/off, adjust brightness, and potentially change colors from anywhere. No more scrambling to find the switch in the dark. Many smart lamps can change colors and adjust brightness, allowing you to set the mood for any activity.

You can probably set schedules for the lamp to turn on/off at specific times, simulating your presence when you’re away for security or creating a gentle wake-up routine.

Many smart lamps offer a range of color temperatures and potentially color-changing options. This lets you set the mood in a room, promote relaxation, or create a more energizing atmosphere. You can create routines for the lamp to adjust based on the time of day or other triggers.

Nobi offers adjustable colors and dimming features, allowing you to set the mood in your room. This can be functional (bright light for working, dimmed for relaxing) or create a fun atmosphere. Some smart lamps can mimic a natural sunrise and sunset, potentially improving sleep quality.

Disadvantages of Nobi Smart Lamp

You’ll need a smartphone or compatible device to control the lamp. If your internet goes down, you might be left fumbling in the dark. Some smart lamps collect data on usage patterns, which may raise privacy concerns for some users.

Nobi smart lamps might be more expensive than traditional lamps. There could be additional costs for the app or a subscription service. Setting up and using a smart lamp might require technical know-how, especially if you need to connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

Smart devices can introduce security vulnerabilities to your home network if improperly secured. Make sure the Nobi app is reputable and your network has strong passwords. Nobi’s functionality depends on your Wi-Fi connection being stable. If the internet goes down, you might lose control of the lamp.

Nobi is a smart lamp, You’ll need a smartphone or compatible device to control the lamp. Spotty Wi-Fi can disrupt functionality. Smart devices can be vulnerable to hacking, so make sure the Nobi app has strong security features. Depending on the app’s data collection practices, privacy risks could be associated with using a smart lamp.

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