Con View App review, advantages, features and How to get more views on YouTube

ConView App is an amazing application that is used to increase video views and increase subscribing of channels, Youtube ConView App allows you to achieve top keywords and more hours of views, it can encourage viewers to subscribe, and ConView helps you get the most popular keywords in any country and in any field to lead your video in the top search results.

How to get more views on YouTube

You can create compelling content, and you can use Youtube ConView App. ConView app is a new popular app, It can promote YouTube videos and small channels to help them increase views and rise in a short time by collecting or buying points, and exchanging views.

ConView App can increase the number of hours of viewing to achieve the terms of profit on YouTube, ConView App can increase free points for users from watching videos within the application or using special tools Ranking in YouTube search results (SEO).

Youtube ConView App

ConView App is the only social platform for new influencers. You can earn money by watching videos, filling out surveys, and watching ads inside the app, It will immediately promote your channel and videos to people all over the world and help your channel get more subscribers, help your video get more views and likes, and there is a suitable duration of watching videos that do not affect the bounce rate of the video.

You can search for popular keywords, you can get more video views, followers, and subscribers, You can earn money from watching videos, ConView is the best application to help you increase the number of views and hours in your channel and make your channel more popular.

You can spend your time at home with monetization videos. You don’t have to pay the money, but you have the opportunity to use the money earned in the program, and share the business. and you can make a profit on the Internet via videos, you can follow some simple rules, at the initial stage.

You can offer your video to real users to watch videos for a longer time, and achieve the requirement of 4000 hours watching on YouTube for your channel and earn money. You should put the YouTube video ID only and the thumbnail image of high quality, You can search for the top searched keywords on youtube.

With the current competition, you won’t be able to promote a very interesting trending video without minimal views. The mobile phone earnings from the videos are available, You can earn more points easily, by inviting your friends and clicking on Earn Points.

Earning from videos is easy. You can make money from videos using the ConView app. You need to collect points for posting your video by making a purchase or watching another video from other people and also your financial balance is increased with points.

You can increase the number of video views and likes and make it a viral video. When you decide to become a blogger and make money on YouTube, but your video isn’t very popular, You can watch videos, put likes, subscribe to the channels if you like, and earn money.

Con View app features & privacy

The data of the user isn’t used for any commercial or marketing purpose, The data registered in the Conview app is general and new, When you purchase points in the application, the number of views is not related to the number of points, but rather to the validity of the video’s publication.

You should offer your mobile phone number and a profile name of your choice and a new password to create an account in the application, When you use the payment services or use other financial transactions to process additional information about you, including the payment and transaction account information.

You should reach the minimum withdrawal amount of $20 to claim withdrawals, or you will not have any commissions, The points number that can be purchased or collected within the application is related to the ability to publish videos on the first page of the application for users to watch, but it is not related to the number of actual views of your videos because they are real views and they are compatible with YouTube policies by choosing the visitor for the videos he wants.

Many people deceive by creating more than one account or using illegal methods to collect points from the application, so, the application administrators are allowed to take any action from banning the user from using the application. there are many electronic attacks and hacking of applications, sites, and databases, If any of that applications occur, it disclaims responsibility for your profits.

The users’ viewing of Google Adsense ads is the main source of profits and withdrawals in the application, which is responsible for sharing profits, these ads are restricted by the Google administration due to visits or illegal clicks on advertisements from deceiving some people inside the application by using a VPN service, The application administration can’t pay the users because there are many users who are required to withdraw and this will be beyond possible.

You are not allowed to publish any video content which contains nudity, pornography, hate, songs, pictures of girls, or videos of politics within the application, because it supports purposeful content only, Because of the large number of videos posted per minute, the publisher of this video will be responsible for that, The application is not responsible for any material or moral damages beyond its will, and this is likely to happen in the world of networks and the Internet.

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