NFC (Near Field Communication) uses, advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of NFC

NFC (Near Field Communication) presents the technology which permits the users to transfer the files and perform the transactions with ease, NFC helps the individuals to share the data cost-efficiently as it has the ability to transfer the files such as the pictures or music without carrier charges.

NFC offers the secure communication to all users, It helps in the data transfer through the safe channels and the encryption of sensitive information, Although some risk still eexists, these measures reduce the threat of hackers and stolen information, It is easy to read, and it offers quick response.

Near Field Communication presents quicker connections, There is no typing errors, It only requires the click of a button without any software, It is cost efficient for the average customer, It is very useful in crowded locations, and it provides a smooth data sharing feed between devices.

Near Field Communication lets the users purchase the items wirelessly, Google Wallet allows the users to store all their credit card, coupon, and the ticket information on their smartphone device to use at any given time, NFC is coming to the fore in the mobile device industry now. 

 Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication presents a competitive advantage over its rival, It consumes less power and it does not require setup connection with another device such as Bluetooth does, Bluetooth connections take longer than NFC.

When you are a business user, Near Field Communication offers many advantages for improving the workplace efficiency and customer service, It allows the managers to maintain knowledge from any location services, It enables a fast and efficient experience for the consumers.

Near Field Communication helps you make the instant payment via the smartphones and the tablets by using the mobile wallet, It is a process of payment that is simple to understand and use, It helps you to perform the financial transactions at mere touch or tap of the screen.

NFC covers a range of different industries and services, It can be used for the purposes of mobile banking, It is used in reserving restaurant seats and movie passes, It can be used in booking the train tickets, It can be used in getting the real-time updates on expenditure and the reward points, redeeming rewards and coupons.

NFC helps serve the customers better by presenting an easy and hassle-free mode of payment, Offering better user experience, It helps the establishments enhance their productivity and efficiency, It has wide range of applications in the field of commerce, social networking and in the smartphones.

NFC technology has been found beneficial in the academic arena, It offers a high level of encryption that enables the institutions to employ it as a kind of a security system that does an accurate ID on the students entering and exiting the premises, The employees of companies use NFC in the office to share the real-time information with each other.

NFC-enabled payment cards are built to be more secure than the magnetic strip of the regular credit card, So, The retailers would have no physical access to the customers’ credit card information, It allows the mobile payments, and NFC enabling devices allows Master card payments.

Near Field Communication allows you to share videos, the files & the photos in the social networking situations, It helps you share the contacts and the other important files, It is easy to use, a simple touch is only needed between the devices to transfer the data.

NFC technology is versatile, It can be used for the payments transferring in the bank cards, It uses the short range for the data transfer, So, It can be used for video games, and it helps maintain the data security by minimizing the theft.

NFC improves the efficiency & productivity, It is useful for companies because they can generate more revenue and potentially attract more customers, It can be used for staff communication in the work place,  and it is suited for the broad range of industries.

Disadvantages of NFC

As Near Field Communication is a relatively new technology, it can not be compatible with the other devices, many companies do not have the motive to implement NFC technology into the workplace, Transferring the employees over to NFC compatible devices is costly and may not align with the goals of the organization.

NFC has higher cost than QR-codes, The smartphones shall be NFC compatible in order to read NFC tags, The devices should have NFC technology for the data transfer, And the users shall be inside the reading area.

NFC only works in short ranges, It offers low data transfer rate, It can be costly for the merchant companies to initially adopt the technology, It is too expensive for the companies to adopt NFC-enabled technology, It costs much money to purchase and maintain the related machines and the other equipment.

While NFC’s short read range (maximum of 20 cm) presents some security against the transaction interference, There is concern which may be possible to steal the data from NFC system from the greater distance with the use of the antenna, and it is not completely free from risk.

NFC poses the huge obstacle to potential the hackers, NFC signals have the tiny range that typically covers just a few centimeters, The attacker has to get very cozy with your devices to transmit anything malicious,  The hacker can transfer the form of spyware or malware onto the phone through the interaction with that device.

The biggest risk in NFC technology is the lack of consumer education, less than half of consumers protect their mobile devices with weak  passwords and less than the third have considered installing anti-virus software.

The major risk to NFC is the computer hacking or the phone hacking , mobile phones will become much like the hand held computer, and as with the computers, they become prone to the viruses, The hackers will want to gain access to these tiny computers because it contains many useful information all in one device.

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