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The importance and uses of iPads in health and medicine

iPads are tablet computer designed , They are main tools of internet technology  that have a huge effect on the Healthcare Industry , iPads become more pervasive and popular by the day , and They are perfect tools for the  doctors .

iPads in  medicine

ipads  are very useful as they are portable , light , and they  suit many purposes , You can access at the bedside other information regarding the patient such as X rays , CT scans or MRIs , and  lab values .

The doctors are allowed to insert the photos of the pathology into a patient’s chart , iPad contains charting on the patient , it is as education to the patient .

ipad in hospitals

ipad in hospitals

The battery of ipad lasts throughout the day , and the Multi-Touch screen gives you a better way to organize information ,  Whether they’re presenting clinical articles or patient videos .

ipads are better for the environment , and They are more versatile as information delivery systems , They help the doctors and the patients look at the images together , so they are considered as diagnostic tools .

There are countless apps related to medicine or medical school on the App Store , ipad enhances the patient care on the wards by integrating the power of the electronic medical record and computerized order-entry system on rounds .

The clinical information and literature can be accessed from any location within the hospital or clinic , ipads are very useful as they contain email , calendar, and contacts , and the web browser connects the  users to the world wide web .

iPads are certainly better adapted for reading large bodies of text than  smartphones , And their handheld touch based interface provides more natural reading experience than  laptops or desktop screens .

ipads have rich user interface , they have native support for eReading , strong graphics ( color ) capabilities , they can use various medical calculators ( there are a slew of them already in the AppStore ) .

iPads have numerous  medical apps which provide an incredibly rich learning environment for medical students , ipads are cheap , light and easy to use .

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