Computers in Business uses , advantages and disadvantages

The computers can enhance the speed & efficiency in the business , They save the time , They make the accurate data available to the business owners & related parties , They help in the flow of the information by supporting group team decision making within a business or organization .

Computers in Business

The computers are very useful in business  , They can be used to accomplish different tasks in the business , The use of computers in business has changed the way most businesses operate , The computers will continue to revolutionize the methods by which business operate & manage the information .

Most business owners prefer the desktop computers to the notebooks or the tablets , due to the advancement in the computer technology , Every business uses the computers in a different way , but each of these businesses has felt the impact of the computers .

As the computers can’t do anything without getting commands & instructions from the humans , So , The business owners have to hire the computer literate employees or train them how to use the computers to accomplish specific tasks at work .

Computers in Business

Computers in Business

Advantages of computers in business

A lot of small businesses keep & store important business documents on their computers , Since these computers have big storage hard-drives , they can store many files & the discovery or retrieval of these files is very easy , The data can be accessed via the internal or external network within the company .

Some data can be made private by use of password protected folders , For medium size growing companies , they invest in the centralized powerful computers which store all business data , This process creates efficiency within the business & it helps in the transfer of data & information .

The computers can be used to transfer the information within the organization / business , They can be used to store the data , so , this data can be moved across the company using the computer , The users will access the data stored on the company database , The companies set up the websites that require the users to login to access this data .

The computers allow the businesses to organize all of their information in a very accessible manner , They can help the businesses keep track of their files , documents , schedules & deadlines , The ability to store large amounts of data on the computer is convenient , inexpensive & saves space .

The computer’s ability to allow the company to organize its files efficiently leads to better time management & productivity , Saving on the cost of outside file storage & can avoid having to purchase as many copiers , fax machines , typewriters & the other items that were used before the computers became popular .

A lot of the companies use the computers as a training tool at the work , Because of the increased advancement in technology & business trends , The business should train their employees new skills , So , for the business , to save the money in this process of training employees , The computers can be used to educate & update their employees .

The computers can be used to accelerate the communication process within the business , You have to stay in touch with your customers & listen to their needs & demands , many small businesses are using electronic mail as a communication media to reach their customers & business partners .

Technologies can be used to communicate & train their staff , So , The employees will stay in their departments & on their desks as they attend the lesson , Superb communication software such as Skype can be used to train the employees virtually , You can create a group for free & add all your employees , so , You will talk to them from anywhere & they can ask you questions via their computers .

The business can not survive in today’s competitive business world , For any business to succeed & gain a certain degree of competitive advantage in any market , they have to carry out extensive research about that target market & their competitors , The computer is used to make the business research on the internet .

The computers offer cheaper research & development , The costs will decrease with the help of computers , Scientific research can now be done using the Internet and computer software applications are designed to develop & produce new products & services .

The accounts  can deal with the facts & the figures , You should use the computer during the accounting process , this reduces on the human errors & it allows the business owners to keep track of their businesses without any need of learning accounting basics .

The business can use the computer to create the business website easily , You can use your website to market your services & products , reach more customers by integrating your website content with social media sites like Facebook & Twitter , The computers can help generate higher sales & profits for the businesses via the company website , Many businesses now operate online & around the clock .

The most popular business applications that you can use to create & edit the documents is Microsoft Word , you can create any type of business document , Microsoft Word can check spelling errors , correct the grammar mistakes , include the graphics in the document .

You can use Microsoft Excel spread sheet to organize the data in form of figures , Spread sheets can help business owners manipulate decision variables & determine their impacts on the outcomes like the profits & sales , You can use spread sheets to set a price for a proposed product .

Businesses deal with buying & selling of goods and services , The computer can be used to manage the supplies & inventory efficiently , The cloud will allow you to gain control & visibility into the inventory from anywhere using the computer , It will help you maximize cost savings & improve on capital efficiencies .

Many businesses managers use the internet to find the talented individuals , They can use the computer to train new employees on how the business operates & allocate the tasks to each new employee , They can use the computers to monitor the performance of each individual at work , So , No employee misuses the company facilities & the time .

The desktop publishing software is used to create marketing materials , Online tax & accounting programs enable the companies to prepare their own taxes , This empowers the company to become more independent & less susceptible to the errors committed by outside parties .

The emerging technology allows the companies to save on their staff payroll & office equipment , It makes new tools & services more affordable , As the computers allow the work to be done faster & more efficiently , it is possible for the company to hire fewer staff .

The profitable businesses can be started with a smaller overhead cost , Email capabilities decrease the postage costs , The software applications reduce the need for large accounting departments and video conferencing can reduces the need for travel .

The computers can speed up the other business operations , The collecting of consumer feedback , ordering of raw materials , and inspection of products is made quicker through the use of the computers , allowing the companies to operate much faster & to produce better quality results .

Disadvantages of computers in business

Small business owners don’t know how to use the computer for business purposes , so , they have to hire the experts to teach them & their employees how to use the computers to accomplish specific business tasks , but this process is costly & it takes time .

The computers give you many efficient ways for the employees to share the information , but at the same time , the employees with malicious intentions can use this opportunity to hack into the system to access private business information , This information can be sold to business rivals , that is harmful to the business .

The computer crime is on the rise & many small businesses have been victims of data loss , Sometimes the employees or the outsiders can modify the computer programs to create false information or illegal transactions or install viruses to corrupt stored information .

The integrating computers in the business can be costly , you don’t stop at buying the computer , you need to invest the money in different types of business software , this software is used to accomplish specific business tasks such as accounting , tracking inventory , sales , data security & so much more .

You will spend a lot of money in the computer maintenance contracts with the experts who will service your computers every month to ensure that they operate efficiently , It can be costly & some small businesses can’t afford them .

The computer replaces the human labor , If the business decides to use the computers to complete most difficult tasks , The humans will not be much needed & this will cause job loss & unemployment , It is a good technology for the business , because it will guarantee efficiency & quality , but it will cut off so many people .

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