Importance & uses of iPad for accountants, Apps importance (Dropbox, Tripit & XE Currency)

The accountants use iPad in their work to make it easier and less costly, there are many apps which improve productivity and they can access the information, they can help them realize business opportunities.

iPads for accountants

Apps can help to firm engage with their clients and develop closer working relationships, they can deliver the key services and help turn the clients into business advocates.

The accountants need a better system scanning signed copies of documents and storing and retrieving files, they need to manage all the passwords for all the different systems.

iPads for accountants

iPads for accountants

The accountants and CPAs need help getting through a barrage of client meetings, So they need to use the best iPad apps, The apps help the accountants to arrange the business travel, the network with clients and colleagues, They can store and share information.


Dropbox can help you to access the photos, videos, and documents from any device, you can share them easily, you can access any file you save.

You will have your important memories and work with you, you can add the files to your Favorites for fast, offline viewing if something bad happens to your iPad, your stuff is always safe in Dropbox.

PowerOne Finance Pro Calculator

It is a calculator that is used on iPad, It can show the graphs to help visualize the information which is helpful when explaining something to the client and there are other calculators for the professionals including a general business calculator.

XE Currency

XE Currency offers live proprietary currency rates, the charts, and it stores the last updated rates, it can convert the prices without internet access, it can calculate the prices with the currency converter.
There are 30,000+ currency charts for historic rates, You can check the currency charts in landscape mode, you can know every world currency & precious metals, and this popular app has received over 25 million downloads.


Tripit can organize your travel plans in one place, you can access itineraries anytime, and on any device, you can get the directions, the maps and the weather for each destination.

You can add or edit plans manually from the app or on, you can confirm the hotel, the airline, the car rental, and the restaurant, It creates a detailed daily itinerary for every trip, and you can share some of your trip plans via email or social.

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder is a quickly and easily find free or paid Wi-Fi when you travel, Wi-Fi finder can tell you exactly where the closest Wi-Fi hotspot is and how to get there.

You’ll be able to see which hotspots are served by those providers, You can also filter by location type (the restaurant, the cafe, the hotel). When you find the location you want to use, you’ll be given a phone number and directions on how to get there.

The importance and uses of iPad for business owners

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