Uses of fluorescent lamps and their structure

The fluorescent lamps

There are different types of electric lamps, but the most popular of these lamps are fluorescent lamps and light bulbs, The fluorescent lamps are a type of lighting lamp known as neon lamps, but the inert neon gas is not used inside its glass tube.

Uses of fluorescent lamps:

  • The fluorescent lamps are used in lighting houses, shops, offices & the underground metro.

  • They are used in decorating commercial stores.

  • They are used in commercial advertisements.

The structure of fluorescent lamps:

  1. A glass tube is a vacuumed glass tube that contains inert argon gas and a little mercury, The inner surface of the glass tube is covered with a phosphoric material.

  2. Two filaments of tungsten which are found at the two tips of the lamp from inside, where each tip contains a filament of tungsten.

Two points of connections at each tip of the lamp, They connect the fluorescent lamp to the electricity

Combined fluorescent lamps: 

They are a type of fluorescent lamp that consume the electric current less than light bulbs, They stay longer than ordinary electric bulbs from 8 to 18 times, Their working time is from 8000 to 15000 hours, while the working time of light bulbs is from 750 to 1000 hours.

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