Uses of light bulbs and their structure

The electric lamps

Electric lamps are tools that convert the electric energy into the light energy by passing the electricity through them, There are different types of the electric lamps, but the most popular of these lamps are the light bulbs and the fluorescent lamps.

The light bulbs are invented by the American inventor  “Thomas Alpha Edison”.

Uses of light bulbs:

The light bulbs (lamps) are the most popular source of the artificial light, where they are used in lighting the houses, the car lights & the torches.

Structure of light bulbs:

The light bulb consists of three main parts which are the filament, the glass bulb and the base of the light bulb.

The light bulb structure

The light bulb structure

  •  The filament: It is a coiled thin wire that made of tungsten and it is connected with copper and lead wires that are connected to the base of the lamp.

    When the electricity reaches the tungsten filament through copper and lead wires, It causes the glowing of the filament and emitting the light.

    The filament is made of tungsten because it has a high melting point that prevents the melting of the filament at high temperatures. the filament heats up and emits the light when the electric current passes through it.

    Copper and lead wires allow the electric current to pass from the base of the light bulb to the tungsten filament.

  • The glass bulb: It is made of thin glass and contains one type of inert gases as argon gas instead of air. The glass bulb prevents the air from reaching the filament to protect it from burning.

    Argon gas increases the lifetime of the filament of the light bulb because it does not burn and does not help in burning as it is inactive gas so, it protects the filament from burning.

  • The base of the light bulb: It carries the light bulb in an upright position and it connects the light bulb to the electric circuit.

Types of  the bases of the light bulb:
A light bulb with spiral base .

A light bulb with a spiral base

  1. Spiral base that has a piece of lead to connect the lamp to the electric circuit.
  2. Two side nails base that has two pieces of lead to connect the lamp with the electric circuit and it has two side nails.


    A light bulb with two side nails base

    A light bulb with two side nails base

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