Offshore Drilling advantages and disadvantages

Offshore drilling is the activity which has both economic and environmental impact , It is the mechanical process done to explore and draw out the petroleum from the rock formations underneath the sea bed and it is almost the same as onshore drilling .

The oil is one of the most important raw materials in the world especially for the industrialized nations ,  everyone has a need for the oil in one way or another , It fuels the vehicles , the airplanes , the drives machinery and oil is also important for the economy .

offshore drilling goes deep into the middle of the ocean with depth that reaches from hundreds to thousands of meters , There are many types of facilities where offshore drilling is done .

offshore drilling can combined drilling and production facilities that can be bottom-founded or floating platforms , bottom-founded facilities and deep-water mobile units like the drills hips and the semi-submersibles .

Offshore Drilling

Offshore Drilling

Offshore Drilling advantages

Offshore Drilling increases the overall supply of the oil that hits the general market , Oil is the commodity which is based on supply and demand , By committing to offshore drilling , the possibility of adding more oil to reduce the local costs becomes possible .

Offshore Drilling provides the nation with some energy self-reliance , the majority of the world’s oil comes from the OPEC conglomerate that means the flow of oil and its prices are somewhat out of local control .

Although the investors can put the money into the futures market to predict higher or lower costs ,  Offshore drilling will help to limit the impact of such event occurring , Offshore Drilling offers self supporting , The oil drilling which happens offshore brings in the abundance of petroleum .

The fossil fuel is necessary for most everyday functions , We depend heavily on the foreign countries to supply us with the fuel , With the offshore drilling we can gain the best state of independence and not be so vulnerable to outside influences .

Offshore Drilling creates many local jobs , The local jobs have the ability to stimulate the local economy , Local dollars that are spent locally have nearly double the value of outside dollars , So , everyone is able to improve the overall quality of life as more money typically means more services being received .

The jobs in offshore drilling will create more local jobs to support the drilling and this trickles down throughout every sector , Offshore Drilling can help the developing nation transform into the industrialized nation .

Offshore Drilling offers more jobs , It requires many skilled people to operate the equipment , It creates the entire world of jobs that benefit many people and their families , There are towns set up to revolve around and cater to the offshore drilling workers .

Offshore drilling is the method of extracting petroleum from beneath the sea , Offshore Drilling increases the oil production and the amount of oil that we have to use for the fuel and the energy , It stimulates the economy and keeps our society going .

Offshore Drilling reduces the oil prices , If the oil is being produced on home soil , then the foreign countries have no say in the prices of the oil that are often inflated , The costs of transportation are cut with the offshore drilling , So ,  the price of oil is decreased .

Offshore Drilling disadvantages

Offshore Drilling can be dangerous to the environment , As numerous oil spills and offshore drilling accidents have shown , It causes a lot of damage to the environment , The oil sits on top of the water and it suffocates the sea life that it encounters .

The oil covers the birds , So , they can’t fly and it coats the fur of the other sea species , there is not proper cleaning and treatment and one accident from offshore drilling can create a tremendously large death zone in the sea .

Offshore Drilling is the isolated job that takes on tremendous risk , Working for the oil company can be very profitable but it can be very dangerous because the offshore drilling rigs are very far from the emergency services , Just one accident can cost many lives .

If the rig needs to be abandoned and the worker is unable to swim , They will decide if they want to die by drowning or by the conditions on the rig , Offshore Drilling offers high risk jobs , Working on an offshore oil rig is very dangerous , there are a lot of risks involved such as drowning and the fires and it is very difficult to provide quick assistance to the worker in need .

Offshore Drilling create the pollution , No matter what the personal stance on the global warming may be , there is no denying that the offshore drilling rig produces an enormous amount of the air pollution that can affect the shoreline .

Offshore Drilling can contaminate the food chain , Even when the oil spills and contained or the accidents happen that are deemed to be minor , the impact on the sea life is felt throughout the entire food chain .

Offshore Drilling causes the food chain problems , when the small amount of oil is spilled into the ocean during drilling , the oil contaminates the water that in turn contaminates the fish , It may start with the small fish , even the plankton but the fuel remnants will remain in them .

Offshore Drilling has expensive facilities , It is expensive to get started , The equipment and the rigs that are necessary to complete the process of offshore drilling is very expensive , It takes a lot of people and training , These costs are shifted down to the taxpayers , The huge investment upfront is needed to get offshore drilling rig into place , Without the budget to get the rig started .

Offshore Drilling causes the oil spills , Most oil spillage from offshore drilling is a very real possibility , These spills cause the catastrophic damage to the environment and the marine life in the ocean .

Offshore Drilling causes huge amounts of carbon emissions , The drills which are used to drill into the seabed cause a very high amount of carbon emissions to be put into the atmosphere , It impacts the environment and it contributes to the growing global warming problem .

Offshore Drilling can affects on many industries , Tourism is affected with the presence of offshore drilling , Resort owners are against these activities , The environmental and tourism advocates claim that these activities drive away tourists and they will compromise the people livelihood and the establishments in these resorts .

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