The importance of measuring temperature and medical thermometer

Importance of measuring temperature

We need to measure the body temperature to help us to know our bodies temperature, and help us to know the weather temperature which affects our life skills, Some processed food industries require a certain temperature, and measuring temperature helps the doctor to write the suitable medicine, where the normal temperature of the healthy person is 37 degree Celsius.

We can not measure the temperature by touching only because the sense of touching helps us in finding out if the object is hot or cold but it can not measure the temperature, We need a certain device that can measure the temperature accurately, where this device is called the thermometer.

The thermometer

The thermometer is a device that is used to measure the temperature, and the main idea of making the thermometer is changing the volume of liquids by changing the temperature, where the liquids expand by heating and contract by cooling.

The medical thermometer or clinical thermometer

The medical thermometer is the thermometer that is used to measure the temperature of the human being, It consists of a transparent thick glass tube, a capillary tube closed from one of its ends, and mercury bulb that is filled with mercury and connected to the other end of the capillary tube.

Clinical thermometer

Clinical thermometer

The mercury bulb, there is a constriction in the capillary tube which prevents the mercury from going back to the bulb quickly in order to read the measurement easily.

The scale of the medical thermometer starts from 35 degree Celsius to 42 degree Celsius, each degree is divided into 10 parts, so, each part equals 0.1 degrees, The medical thermometer must be kept out the reach of children because the used liquid inside the thermometer (mercury) is toxic.


Digital thermometers

There are some modern digital thermometers that display the body temperature digitally and used especially for children.

How can you use the medical thermometer to measure your body temperature?

The medical thermometer using ethyl alcohol, and dry the thermometer very well using a tissue paper, You should shake the thermometer well until the mercury goes back to the bulb then put the thermometer under your tongue for a minute.

The thermometer out from your mouth, then record the temperature reading then sterilize the thermometer using ethyl alcohol and put it in its box, You should not seize the thermometer firmly with your teeth in order not to be broken because mercury is toxic.

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