The effect of the military explosions on the human and the environment

The military explosions

The military explosions cause the harmful effects and the diseases and hence they cause the death, there are many bad effects of wars such as the dead and wounded soldiers and civilians, they destroy the cities and the livelihood.

The nations must stop using the environmental destruction as the weapon of war, the  napalm , the cluster bombs and other types of explosives all inflict damage to the environment and still form a hazard from the wars that ended decades ago.

There are many practices like the use of weapons containing the depleted uranium, the placement of AP [ anti-personnel ] landmines, the bombing of factories and storage facilities and the burning of oil refineries have devastating effects on the environment.

Military explosions

Military explosions

The humans are easily ingested the depleted uranium because it turns into the radioactive dust on impact , So , hundreds of thousands of civilians and soldiers have been exposed to a highly toxic and radioactive substance and have suffered from numerous effects.

The biological weapons cause greater threat than the chemical weapons because they may be impossible to reverse the effects of an organism that has been unleashed into the environment .

The biological weapons are the easiest and cheapest mass destruction weapons to produce , They are the hardest to detect , Using of biological weapons is not only a threat to the  humans , it is also a serious threat to the agricultural ecosystems , the wildlife  and their habitats .

The chemical weapons cause dangerous effects on the human health  such as the cancer and birth defects , they cause rapid loss of vegetation that it causes leads to severe soil erosion , they causes a major drop in the species population due to the habitat degradation and high concentrations of dioxin persist in the land , and the ecosystems have suffered from the irreversible damage .

The  landmines cause the dangerous injuries , They destroy communities , and they prevent reconstruction , access to safe water and the return of displaced persons to their homes , They also render fertile farmland unusable .

The  landmines cause the food shortages and the malnutrition , They cause the  global environmental crises as the deforestation , the soil erosion, the water pollution and declining biodiversity , And the wildlife and the livestock are a common casualty of landmine explosions .

The nuclear explosions produce both immediate and delayed destructive effects such as  the blast and thermal radiation, and the prompt ionizing radiation cause destruction within seconds of a nuclear detonation,  the spread of radiation would affect even larger numbers of people through the destruction of crops and wildlife  .

The delayed effects of the nuclear explosions such as the radioactive fallout and other environmental effects , They inflict damage over an extended period ranging from hours to years , They cause the pollution of the seas and the water supplies , And many people far from the site of the nuclear war would die of starvation .

The people have been affected by the increase of radioactive materials in the global ecosystem , the cancers , the birth defects , the genetic damage , the lowered immunity to the diseases , these are only some of the potential effects of nuclear testing , uranium mining , the radioactive waste burial and all the phases of nuclear weapons and the nuclear energy production .

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