What is the difference between physical & chemical changes?

The Physical and the Chemical changes of the matter

The changes that may occur to the matter are the physical changes and the chemical changes.

The physical change

The physical change is a change in the shape of the matter without any change in its structure (properties).

The properties of the physical changes and the chemical changes
The difference between the chemical changes and the physical changes.

Examples of the physical changes 

When you grind the chalk or the sugar into the powder.

The change of the water (The matter) from one state to another state (ice cycle).

When any solid matter melts as the wax, the chocolate, and the ice.

When you dissolve the table salt or the sugar in the water.

When you cut the paper into small pieces and when you make the paper recycling.

The malleability, the ductility and the bending of the elements.

The chemical change

The chemical changes in the matter produce a new matter such as in burning, rusting, cooking and Film processing, The chemical change is a change in the structure of the substance producing a new substance or new substances with different properties.

Examples of the chemical change

When you burn any matter as (wood,  sugar,  paper or a candle).

when the iron rust, the shape and the structure of the cleaning iron change as it is exposed to the wet air.

When you add sodium bicarbonate to vinegar.

When you add the yeast to the pastry (doughs).

In the production of the yoghurt from milk.

In the fermentation of the fruits or the sugar.

In the digestion of the food.

The examples of the chemical changes and the physical changes
Examples of chemical changes and physical changes.

The melting of a candle is a physical change, while the burning of a candle is a chemical change, The freezing of any liquid matter as water is a physical change.

The evaporation of the water to form the water vapour and the condensation of the water vapour into the water drops are physical changes, The boiling of water and the melting of any solid matter are physical changes.

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