The properties of the image formed by a plane mirror

When you look at the mirror , you can see an image of your face , You observe a whole image of the surrounding environment that is formed on the surface of still water , The surface of still water can act as an almost perfect mirror , All what happened as a result of the reflection of light .

Light reflection

The light reflection takes place when the light rays directed from a source of light to an object reflects from it in the same medium then you can see the reflected light rays to your eyes .

The light reflection is the phenomenon of the light bouncing off in the same medium when it meets a reflecting surface , The light reflection takes place via the reflecting surface as the mirrors .

The light reflection in the mirrors is governed by two principal laws which are the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection , And you know that the incident light ray , the reflected light ray and the normal to the surface of reflection at the incidence point should all lie in one plane perpendicular to the reflecting surface .

The incident light ray is the light ray that falls on the reflecting surface , The reflecting light ray is the light ray that bounces from the reflecting surface .

The incidence angle is the angle between the incident light ray and the normal , The reflection angle is the angle between the reflected light ray and the normal .

Any incident light ray that falls perpendicular on a reflecting surface , reflects on itself as the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection equals zero .

The plane mirror

The plane mirror

The plane mirror

The mirrors are the reflecting surface for the light , There are two main types of mirrors which are the plane mirror and the spherical mirrors , The spherical mirrors are the concave mirrors and the convex mirror .

The plane mirror is a piece of plane glass , painted from behind with a thin layer of silver metal to give the glass a bright surface that reflects most of the incident rays on it .

The plane mirror is the mirror with a planer and flat reflective surface , It makes the image of the objects in front of it , The images appear behind the plane at which the mirror lies , The straight line drawn from the part of an object to the part of its image makes a right angle with , and it is bisected by the surface of the plane mirror .

The image formed by the plane mirror is always virtual , upright and of the same shape and size as the object is reflecting  , The virtual image is a copy of the object formed at the location from which the light rays  come , the image is a laterally inverted mirror image of the object .

The virtual objects produce the real images , however , The focal length of a plane mirror is infinity , Its optical power is zero , The image in the plane mirrors is a virtual image , The virtual images are images that are formed in the locations where the light does not actually reach .

The properties of the image formed by a plane mirror

The image is upright ( erect ) , The image is equal to the the object in the size , The image is laterally inverted ( reversed ) and the image can not be received on a screen as it is virtual  .

The distance between the object and the mirror is equal to the distance between the image and the mirror , The straight line joining the object to its image is perpendicular to the surface of the mirror .

Uses of the concave mirror and the convex mirror in our daily life

What are the spherical mirrors ?

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