Uses of Nanochemistry and Nano substances Shapes


It is one of the Nano science branches which deals with chemical applications of Nano substances , It includes studying , description and the synthesis of Nano substances , It studies the unique properties related to collecting the atoms and molecules of Nano dimensions .

Nano substances may take different shapes as follows : the particles , Nano tubes , Columns , Nano fibres , Nano wires , Thin films and Balls .

Nano substances are classified according to their Nano dimensions into One-dimensional Nano substances, Two-dimensional Nano substances and Three-dimensional Nano substances.

One-dimensional Nano substances

One-dimensional Nano substances are the Nano substances that have one dimension such as Nano fibres , Nano wires & Thin films , Nano wires are used in Electric circuits , Nano fibres are used in the production of water .

Thin films are used in packaging food products to protect them from getting spoiled or rotten & they are used in painting surfaces to protect them from rust and corrosion .

Nano substances Shapes

Nano substances Shapes

Two-dimensional Nano substances

Two-dimensional Nano substances are the Nano substances that have two Nano dimensions , such as Unicarbon Nano tube and Muticarbon Nano tube , Carbon Nano tubes are good conductors of electricity more than copper and they are good conductors of heat more than diamond .

Carbon Nano tubes are stronger and lighter than steel due to the powerful bonds between its molecules , therefore the Nano tubes which have the size of a human hair can easily pull a truck , So , The scientists think to make very strong robes that can be used in the future to make space elevators ( shuttles ) .

Carbon Nano tubes are connected easily to protein , So , they can be used in making biological sensor devices which are sensitive to a certain molecules , The scientists try to use the Nano tubes to make apace elevators because they are stronger and lighter than steel .

They are cylindrical carbon molecules that have unusual properties & they are valuable for nanotechnology , the electronics , the optics and the other fields of materials science and technology , Carbon Nano tubes form a tiny portion of the material(s) in some (primarily carbon fiber) baseball bats , golf clubs , car parts or Damascus steel .

Three-dimensional Nano substances

Three-dimensional Nano substances are the Nano substances that have three Nano dimensions such as Bucky ball C60 & Nano shell , Nano shell consists of Core & Shell , Core is made of the insulator substances , Shell is made of very thin metallic cover ( almost gold ) .

Bucky ball C60 consists of 60 carbon atoms , It is characterized by a group of special properties which depends on its molecular structure , The molecular model of the Bucky ball appears as a hollow football , So , the scientists test the effectiveness of using it as a carrier for a medicine in the body .

Bucky ball used as a carrier for a medicine in the body due to its hollow structure , It can be fixed with the molecules of a medicine and protect it from the reaction with a certain molecules inside the body .

The scientists have discovered that Damascus swords that Arabs and Muslims used long ago have in their composition silver Nano particles that give it a great hardness .

The applications, advantages & possible harmful effects of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology & Why is the behavior of matter unique ( unusual ) on the Nanoscale?

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