The applications, advantages & possible harmful effects of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology in Medical field

Nanotechnology is used in producing Nano robots that enter the body through the blood stream to remove the blood clots from the vein walls without surgical interference, It is used in the early diagnosing of diseases and picturing of the organs and tissues.

Nano robots are specialized nano machines, They have dimensions in the order of nano-meters, Typically 0.5 to 3 microns large with 1-100 nm, Their parts are made of chemically inert forms of carbon, They are used in dentistry, They are used in major tooth repair, They induce local anaesthesia and they avoid discomfort to the patient .

Nanotechnology is used in exactly delivering of a medicine to the infected tissues and cells which increases the chances of healing and decreasing the harmful side effects of the traditional healing methods which does not distinguish between the infected cells .

Nanotechnology is used in producing extremely small devices for dialysis that are implanted in the body of the patient who suffers from kidney failure, Dr. Mustafa El-Sayed was the first Egyptian Scientist obtained the American National Science pendant for using gold Nano molecules to treat cancer disease .

Nano robots

Nano robots

Agricultural field

Nanotechnology is used in identifying bacteria that found in nutrients, So, we can use this technology in preserving the food, It is used in improving the nutrients, pesticides, and medicine for the plants and animals with special features.

Energy field

Nanotechnology is used in producing solar cells by using Nano silicon which has a great ability to convert solar energy into the electrical energy and avoid the leakage of heat energy, It is used in producing hydrogen fuel cells , with a high performance and low cost.

Industrial field

Nanotechnology is used in producing invisible Nano molecules which give the glass and the ceramics the property of self-cleaning, It is used in producing Nano substances to purify ultraviolet rays in order to improve sunblock , cosmetics and creams .

Nanotechnology is used in producing Nano wrapping technology in the form of paints and sprays to protect the screens of electrical devices from scratching , It is used in producing repellent tissues for the stains that are characterized by the self-cleaning property .

Communications field

Nanotechnology is used in producing the wireless Nano devices , mobiles and satellites , It is used in decreasing the size of transistors , It is used in producing the electric chips that are characterized by a high storage capacity .

Environmental field

Nanotechnology is used in producing Nano filters which are used to purify the air and water, Nano filters are used to solve the nuclear wastes problem and they are used to eliminate the dangerous elements from the industrial wastes.

The possible harmful effects of Nanotechnology
Environmental effects

During the production of Nano substances , there are many wastes may be suspended in the air, then enter the water and the soil and they may easily penetrate the animal and the plant cells, this called Nano pollution, Nano pollution is the pollution caused by the wastes that are produced from preparing Nano substances.

Medical effects

The very minute Nano particles may enter the body of the human or the animal through the cell membrane of the skin and the lungs causing the diseases .

Social effects

The social and economic problems between the rich word countries and the developing countries may increase due to the unequal distribution of technology and the economic resources .

Uses of Nanochemistry and Nano substances Shapes

The importance and uses of nanotechnology in medicine

Nanotechnology & Why is the behavior of matter unique ( unusual ) on the Nanoscale?

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