Animated GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format) advantages & disadvantages

The animated GIF is the file format which allows you to use a series of separated frames and put them together to create a type of animation, The animated GIFs are the animated images used on the internet and they are easy to use when creating the webpage and they can load quickly when uploading or saving.

The animated GIF is the digital image, GIFs are the images in the GIF file format that appear to move or change, They are used for the banner ads, in place of much larger full motion video files and as interesting accents to the homepages and they are compatible with the most web browsers.

The animated GIFs use the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), Due to the standards of this format, The animated GIF must use an 8-bit palette, That palette size results in only having 256 colours available for the image, So, GIF images take up less memory than the images in the other formats.

Advantages of using animated GIFs

The animated GIFs are very simple to make using the animation program and the images, If you have different images such as the frames from the film you can easily make a GIF and no special coding of formatting is required when adding the GIF to the webpage as they are normal image files.

The animated GIFs do not require the web browser to have the plug-in, The Flash animations require the user’s computer to have the required plug-ins installed but GIFs are treated as the normal images and they support the animation and transparency.

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

Animated GIFs have a relatively small file sizes, Flash files have very large files and they can slow the website down, however too many GIFs on the webpage will slow it down that they are supported by all web browsers, there are very few web browsers that will not support animated GIFs.

The animated GIFs can be used online as they can load quicker with good quality, small file sizes GIFs support the transparent backgrounds and therefore they can help show the professional look to the website with the animation over a different background.

GIFs can show something in a better way as they can show the emotions and the movement that the image cannot be able to & It may be helpful when creating tutorial animations, GIF files can entice different , younger audiences as the children may be amused by these animations.

The animated GIFs can be successful or unsuccessful, it depends on how they are used, They are simple and effective, They give the site a very professional look, They are good for saving crisp, clean line art, Transparency is supported, It is good for saving the images with lots of solid & flat colours.

The animated GIFs allow single-bit transparency, you can specify one colour to be transparent when you are creating your image, the background colour of the web page will be shown through the image and no plug-in is needed to play GIFs.

GIF files are one of the main files formats for simple animated imaging, They included the animated logos , the web banners, low budget adverts, low colour sprite games, there are various websites that support GIF allowing GIF files to be used.

Animated GIFs have 256 colours available which is why it is best for simple shapes and text, The file size is reduced to allow for the faster upload time, The file will be compressed but it will not affect the quality of the animation or image, GIF is supported by the most web browsers nowadays giving it more flexibility.

GIF supports transparent backgrounds while JPEGs support white background, So, the images or the animations on the internet will look more professional & interesting by blending into the background rather than having the white square around the image.

Disadvantages of using animated GIFs

The animated GIFs have a maximum color depth of 256 bit, The other image and the animation formats have larger bit depths but 265 bit is normally well suited to the webpage, They can slow the webpage down, It can take a very long time for them all to load on the webpage.

The animated GIFs only have a maximum colour palette of 256 colours, so, they can look of a poorer quality than the other types of file or image, So, The images will have more blocky colours and also look slightly pixelated.

Animated GIF has failure to have the colour palette of more than 256 colours, It can create poor looking images when used on the photograph which may originally have thousands of different colours, So, these images can only be used well for the cartoon such as the photos or the buttons etc.

So, It will be a poor format for the photographic images because it can sometimes be tight, GIFs have the option to dawdle, and they will mix pixels of two different colours to create the suggestion of another colour.

The animated GIFs have the Blocky or Pixely appearance, They can give the blocky quality to the images that are animated, So, the overall quality will be reduced.

Their use of Dithering to prevent harsh colour contrast restricts how much the file can be compressed, Dithering can take up a lot of file space and therefore restricts how much they can be compressed.

There are few frames in the animation results in the jerky animation, The frame rate on GIFs is low and using few frames will result in the jumpy and jittery appearance to the animation not the smooth image, they can make the website visually unappealing and they can give the site an unprofessional look.

When the animation is coded into the actual GIF file, So, You have to go back and edit the image, So, You will start all over again to make the minor adjustment to the image, If the animated GIFs are not used well, they are spammed onto the site and they make the website look with very poor quality.

Animated GIF offers lower level of transparency, GIFs do not provide full transparency as it is offered by PNG images, while PNG has a much higher level of transparency support and flash doesn’t support GIF files.

Many webmasters want to make the file size of each image as small as possible to optimize the load time of their websites, The GIF format can be bulky, so, the other formats are used in its place, Animated GIFs are very difficult to edit once created, You can’t implement the sound and it is hard to create detailed animations.

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