Animation technology in education and training advantages & disadvantages

Advantages of animation

Animation teaches using the visual aids, It is a very strong proven way of learning , It brings a topic to life, It gains the attention of the viewer, It can be fun to watch, The educational games and quizzes allow the visitor to interact and learn and it helps to explain and illustrate more complex concepts.

Animation keeps the peoples’ interest during the animation duration, Animation is funny but it is serious, It gives the animators the work and it helps them learn some science, It is used to explain scientific concepts. , It is used in understanding of science.

The animators create the cartoons and the other animation by using various computer software, or by hand, They must conduct the research to ensure their design is accurate and consistent, Animation is used in the marketing, the training, and the research and it is used to attract the attention.

Animation is used in visualization to show the time dependent behavior of complex systems, The animation programs can explain the dangerous events without the hazards, If the learner makes any mistake, the experiment can be repeated without injury.

The interactive animation takes less time to learn the students complex things and it makes them enjoy more to learn difficult things, The education and training are higher when the information presented via the computer animation systems than the traditional classroom lectures.

Animation technology

Animation technology

The learners have more interaction with the content and they are more likely to assimilate the knowledge, the skills and the concepts involved, The computer animation is a high-level way to measure the learners’ decision making.

The motivation and the skill improvement are the main benefits of animation, The main aim of computer animation is to reduce the learners’ time and the useless effort of learning and it can present true-to-life situations that the learners face every day.

Because Animation is exciting, challenging and fun to use, It encourages the learners to return to the program, The learners will be faster to learn by using the interactive animation especially if the other techniques such as audio and video are used.

The animation is the inspired and interactive method for flexible education and training, the learners will be more motivated to learn and they will get more skills, The animation is attractive, It is useful when quickly getting and holding the audience’s attention.

The computer animation allows the learners to measure their abilities to perform the specific task without any risk, It will help them to avoid the frustration, It allows the learners to learn-by-viewing, learn-by-doing or learn-by-coaching and they are interesting methods for developing practical skills and increasing the information retention.

All learners learn the same principles and skills, The computer-Based Animation forces the instructional designers to organize and structure learning materials, The learners will get the immediate feedback from the animation system that will enhance their skills and abilities.

Animation is the dynamic tool for designing the objects that do not exist in reality, It offers a perfect support for Architects designing buildings & Engineers envisioning structural designs, It is the perfect tool to create 3-D models by using the scientific data.

The animation can show the imagined objects in the motion, It is ideal for demonstrating processes, the relationships & the geological events such as the earthquakes or the erosion patterns, The computer animation allows the instructors to do the things that would be extremely hard to do in real life.

Animation can show the motion for part of the complex operation, to clarify the functions that is impossible to isolate and view, The instructors can use the computer animation to demonstrate the things visually and they have control of every aspect of animation. .

The computer animation may show the student how one can algebraically manipulate specific equation, It is a very useful tool in education and training, A lot of things such as the chemistry, the physics are too small to see, handle, doing the experiments on, or even trying to imagine them such as the atoms and the molecules for example.

The computer animation is the perfect tool for those things because the instructors can create the realistic models of those things such as the atoms and the molecules from the data they have, They can make the animation experiment exactly such as the realistic in the lab with regard to the materials and the results.

There are a lot of things are dangerous to be carried out in the real-life learning such as the experiments in physics and chemistry, various experiments can not be carried out in the classroom because they are dangerous and the learners will need these skills in the workplace.

Disadvantages of animation

Animation takes a lot of effort to create even the basic animation, It needs the skill in using the animation software such as Flash, Too much animation on the page can be distracting and even annoying, for example too many animated adverts on the page.

Animation can take up a lot of bandwidth, so, it will take too long to show over a slow internet connection, Some people think the animations are dumb or for the kids and it won’t pay attention or learn anything.

Animation costs the money over the traditional teaching methods and it requires specialized resources (the animators and the writers), The ineffective teaching / learning tool for complex interrelated concepts due to its inherent simplicity.

Animation can give the false sense of safety as related to the science that requires important attention to safety such as the chemistry experiments, the electricity and the nuclear fields, Animation is not good for teaching safety in science.

The computer animation is similar to the computer simulation but there are some limitations in some education and training cases, Some information of the real-life learning will be lost in the animation program.

The computer animation programs may function well from the technical point of view but they are difficult to fit into the curriculum, The animation is not be adapted to take into different student levels.

The teachers must have certain programming technology and experiences to implement this computer animation programs, Therefore, Animation is not easy for every subject teachers.

There are some technical disadvantages of using the animation technology in the education, Animation requires the extensive memory and storage space, It uses more system processing and storage resources than graphics and text as it consists of the graphic objects & the mathematical calculations.

The animation technology requires special equipment for a quality presentation, some good animation can be created using a basic graphics package, producing high quality animation requires specialized educational knowledge, software and programming.

It can not depict such as video, The animation is an artist’s re-creation, So, It does not depict the actual events or reality as the video does, So, it can not show specific people, the places or the things.

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