Uses of Computers & the cloud by Lawyers

Online legal databases make the process of searching for case law , legal forms & treatises much easier , The most useful uses of the computers in the legal profession is conducting legal research , Many legal projects require extensive legal research , including the references to previously decided cases .

Computers uses by Lawyers

The technology drives costs down & makes legal services more affordable to greater numbers of people , The computer store the documents for evidence that will be useful in the litigation , It can review & create the contracts , It helps the companies to identify potential fraud & the other misconduct or do legal research .

The lawyer’s job is boring through the stacks of paperwork , While the paperwork still is a reality , Now , The law practice has changed drastically due to the computer technology , In the large & small firms , the extensive use of the computers is the norm .

High use of the computers in the legal workplace has changed the way the firms are managed , The cases are tracked electronically , which makes the danger of a missed court data or filing the deadline less likely .

Lawyers and computers

Lawyers and computers

Many computers have changed handling of legal discovery projects , The discovery is the process by which opposing parties to the lawsuit exchange relevant information such as the police reports , financial documents and the witness testimony .

The attorneys & support staff had to manually organize and sift through many paper documents looking for relevant information , The important legal documents are scanned & stored in the computer systems , The computer allows the attorneys to organize & examine the documents much faster & more effectively and they can exchange the documents easier .

The attorneys use the computers & the Internet to obtain new clients , Many attorney websites provide valuable general information such as the explanations of legal rights & the legal process , Many websites enable the potential client to directly email or chat with the attorney before scheduling the consultation , The lawyers use social networking platforms to communicate with the current & prospective clients .

Intranet is composed solely within one company or firm , All communications & documents go no further than that prescribed region of the individuals , Extranet allows whatever is within the intranet to be transferred to the other outside parties via the Internet , These systems represent secure networks by which joint the collaboration efforts may occur as well .

The items that may be secured on a law firm’s intranet contain the internal policies & procedure manuals , the company directories , The office locations , as well as press releases , In order to ensure privacy , It is also important that you maintain passwords for each conveyance as well as access to each system .

The computer is a productivity tool that make the lawyer’s job easier , It can quickly search , evaluate & summarize the information , Automating of the lawyer’s job will quickly result in fewer attorneys on the payroll , It is easier to automate some parts of the lawyer’s job than the others , finding & summarizing relevant case law would be a likely target for an initial effort .

The computers can quickly scan millions of documents & classify them as relevant or irrelevant by comparing them against sample documents , which can be expanded and altered until the lawyers are satisfied with the results .

Lawyers using the Cloud

Technology developments in word processor software have helped the lawyers in their work , The lawyers can operate remotely with cloud type systems , The lawyers using the cloud have more flexibility with their practice , since they are no longer tied to a desk or even the office .

The cloud use can save the money for the solo lawyer or small law firm , Since employing an IT staff , software & hardware can be expensive , The cloud keeps the costs down while at the same time having a more profitable practice with time saving management , because there is no need for professional training or troubleshooting the costs or updates by IT professionals .

On using the cloud , Lawyers have the ability to be more competitive , especially small or solo law firms , The cloud puts the small or solo law firm in competition with the larger law firms , The lawyers can be more entrepreneurial & have the time to enjoy the strides their practice is making , while at the same time being able to compete & gain clients .

The cloud makes it possible to access & manage the files or the cases from any location that has internet access , You can use the smartphones or the locations with Wi-Fi access to access cases & manage the files , since use of the tablet or the smartphone can mean obtaining forgotten information or evidence without having to request the judge allow the time to retrieve the evidence .

Time management is another key issue for busy attorneys , but not when using the cloud to keep the calendar that can be accessed from anywhere , Saving the time from having to run to the office to retrieve the notes & the other information to meet with the client is a thing of the past with this technology .

In the legal practice , correspondence & phone contact is made easier when using the cloud , The information for the clients can be accessed whether in the office or out , which means the clients can be kept informed on their case , The payments can be recorded with this kind of technology , while keeping the clients information updated from anywhere .

This is one way to ensure the successful practice , since there is no need to return to the office to retrieve the information on a case for the court or the client meeting , The cloud use saves the time , the money & easy access to everything contained on the office computer from the tablet , the laptop or the smartphone , The time is money in any type of business including the law firm .

This can be the task that is relatively easy using this technology of digital data using the cloud tools , compared to before the cloud when the information would have had to be complied manually , The lawyer has the ability to automatically retrieve the reports on a regular basis that can help to enhance the law practice .

Lawyers using the Cloud disadvantages

The disadvantages are few , We are tied to our phones , so being tied to more data & communications is probably a trade off , Battery times are an issue , You need back up batteries if operating remotely , The data crashes are the problem , but there is also a risk at a static office location ,  your benefit depends upon many factors , including your ability to be comfortable with technology .

Although highly effective for basic & standardized legal documents , Online document drafting is far more limited with respect to more complex & novel documents , There is flagging risk that the programs will fail to anticipate a contingency and create an error , leading to the legal conflict .

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