Deepnet Explorer (DE) 1.5 review , uses , advantages and disadvantages

Deepnet Explorer is a light program that requires less storage space than most programs in the category Browsers , It is used with the operating system Windows 98 & prior versions , It is available in many languages such as English & French , It has decent help & support options , It is familiar & easy to use .

Deepnet Explorer 1.5 features

Deepnet Explorer 1.5 is a superb web browser with most of the standard features , It contains IE based web browsing with incorporated P2P file sharing abilities & fixed RSS/ATOM news reader , The anti-phishing feature , in combination with the other additions , led the developers to claim that it had a higher level of security than either Firefox or Internet Explorer , All-in-all an average web browser .

It is a free Windows software , that belongs to the category Browsers , You have the option to use Deepnet Explorer (DE) as your default browser , It offers the same basic features as the other browsers but it offers some extras like the control panel which allows quick access to the web , the news , or P2P .

Deepnet Explorer offers superb features that make it an attractive option , There is tabbed browsing that allows you to open a number of pages at the same time , You can request DE to open up multiple tabs right from start up saving your time , Because you will be doing some extensive browsing .

Deepnet Explorer 1.5

Deepnet Explorer 1.5

It employs an effective anti-phishing alarm that protects you from fraudulent websites , The developers have added an anti-phishing alarm that notifies you whenever you are about to enter a fraudulent site , The anti-phishing registry is updated every time Deepnet Explorer starts up and ensures that you can browse safely .

There is another neat tool which makes your browsing more pleasurable which is the popup killer ( Pop-up Blocker ) , It can be activated or deactivated and will always keep a running count in the taskbar to show you how many popups have been killed .

Deepnet Explorer 1.5 offers spell checking , It comes with password manager & you can set a master password , It has automatic updates , It includes customizable Add-ons , It supports peer-to-peer facility for file sharing , It delivers impressive speeds , with startup & navigation times taking less than 4 seconds .

Deepnet Explorer gives you most of the main features that you are looking for in the web browsers , For starters , It offers a built-in search function , It is able to bookmark the websites , It contains basic toolbar customization , you can navigate the web-pages using the browser’s integrated mouse gestures & keyboard shortcuts .

Deepnet Explorer’s RSS feature offers many popular news feeds preinstalled , Networking is a type of file sharing integrated directly into the internet browser , Deepnet Explorer helps you organize the feeds in an intuitive tree structure & you can use the toolbar to search the feeds by keyword .

It is easy to navigate , It supports multiple tabs , You can use Tabbed browsing , complete with a save session function , It can improve your web experience , It is not the world’s first browser with RSS news reader & P2P client integration , It is the first browser to foil the phishers , With its superior security , functionality & usability .

Deepnet Explorer incorporates three major features ( web browser , RSS reader , P2P client ) that are indispensable to most users , If a website is detected as a threat , Deepnet Explorer adds it to its black list of banned websites , It gives you complete control to edit the lists of approved & banned websites .

Deepnet Explorer is an advanced web browser , It enables you to browse the web faster while sharing the files using P2P technology , It sets the standard for fast , convenient web browsing , It includes multi start page , It presents Super Drag & Drop , It offers Auto Form Fill & the other versatile features , It has Direct Search , It comes with Keyword Navigation and it has open links in background .

Deepnet Explorer can be used by both novices & experienced individuals , The interface of the tool is simplistic & intuitive , You can specify the default search engine , You can save a session & use a session manager , reopen the last closed window , create & organize a favorites list , zoom in & out , change text size and view the source page in a text document .

You can switch to full screen mode , You can change the interface language , You can enable auto-login ,  as well as enable adverts and content killer , The software takes up a moderate-to-high amount of system resources , includes a well-drawn help file and its overall response time is very good .

Deepnet Explorer 1.5 disadvantages

Deepnet Explorer 1.5 is not as intuitive as the other browsers , It lacks many essential security features , such as antivirus , malware & spyware technology  , It is fast & it offers basic browsing , but Deepnet Explorer has a long way to go before becoming a top contender , Its compatibility and security features are sub-par .

Deepnet Explorer is not sleek as most of its competitors , but it performs its primary function of web browsing well , ِalthough it delivers many useful tools & features , Deepnet Explorer fails to stand out among the competition , The news and PSP area need some improvements .

It doesn’t contain much functionality , It does not present parental controls or synchronization that allows you to access your saved browser data and preferences on any computer , Deepnet Explorer lacks automatic updates & spell check , a minor but nonetheless useful feature .

Deepnet Explorer doesn’t boast the full range of robust security features found on our top-ranked web browsers , It is not like our higher-ranked internet browsers , The at-a-glance security button on each tab is a nice addition , but there is no way to quickly delete a tab , Although the interface is customizable , Deepnet Explorer seems clunky and a bit outdated in comparison to the other browsers .

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