Camino web browser features , uses , advantages and disadvantages

Camino browser can be installed in the Mac Operating System only , It is an open source web browser developed focuses on offering the best experience for the users of Mac OS X , Camino visual combines simple & elegant and it presents the marvelous experience that became the philosophy of the Macintosh with the Gecko layout engine that is powerful .

Camino browser features

Camino browser is a less well-known internet browser for Mac , but it is the browser of choice for many dedicated Mac users around the world , Camino browser also offers all the functionality & style that is expected from Mac OS X programs , It looks very much like Mac-application , than Firefox , Compliance with all the standards of Mac OS X and it can can save the entire page .

Camino browser features the same engine which is behind Mozilla and it is specifically designed for Mac OS X users , It is similar to Mozilla Firefox , Camino depends on the Apple Cocoa Framework unlike Mozilla that is based on a cross-platform scripting language meaning that it works much better with Mac OS X , It can use many of Mac OS X features such as the built-in spell checker & the services menu .

A few superb reasons why you’d have Camino as your browser of choice , For starters , The passwords are saved into the OS X Key-chain as opposed to any proprietary system touted by Chrome , Firefox or Safari and because the whole thing runs on Firefox’s Gecko rendering engine , you know the pages are going to load fast , accurately and with the stability you’d expect from Firefox , all with a slightly more Apple-like interface .

Camino web browser

Camino web browser

Camino Browser offers fast connection , There are integrated flash block , so , It can save the bandwidth , Camino browser comes with amazing bookmark bar , Camino’s awesome bookmark bar allows multiple lines of bookmarks whereas Firefox only allows for 1 line , The Mac version of Camino doesn’t have an add-on .

Camino is super fast , It runs blazing fast for the most part , Compared to Firefox this thing runs at mach 3 , especially when opening & closing , The pages load about the same speed , It has sleek interface , The look of Camino browser is simple & elegant .

Camino Browser disadvantages

Camino Browser is only for Mac product , It does not have undo-close tab , this feature , added in Firefox 2 , is a huge deal , When you open and close tabs for work , when simply browsing and having the ability to undo a closed tab makes life easy , especially when you accidentally close a tab .

Camino browser does not have add ons ,  the luxury of add-ons ( such as the 4chan tool , Web Developer Bar , Better Gmail 2 and Google Sync ) made life much easier at times , but also slowed down the browser at the same time .

Camino browser does not have re-arranging tabs , It does not allow moving of tabs , Camino is planning on adding this feature , Safari , Opera , Firefox and even IE has rearrangeable tabs , Camino browser uses Gecko driver that works worse with Mac OS X , The browser eats off the memory not only from the number of opened bookmarks , but also from the number of installed plug-ins , history , etc .

Firefox and Camino do not support PDF files preview , They load PDF document to the computer desktop and then start Preview to preview it , Only Firefox is asking whether you want to open or to load the file , Camino browser is good , but the memory hog and it has a bug that hogs CPU .

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