Microsoft Windows Paint advantages , disadvantages and features

Microsoft windows paint advantages

Microsoft paint is very simple to use , It has every tool needed for graphics editing , It has all the colours you need to edit a picture , It has different styles of writing , It comes free with all versions of Windows .

Microsoft Paint is a graphics creation program , It can be used for basic drawing and shape manipulation , It is used for pasting the screenshots from other applications and It is used  for changing images from one format to another .

Microsoft Paint is always free and you do not have to pay for the upgrades , the enhancements or the bug fixes As Paint is part of the Windows operating system , And it is a program for creating the computer graphics .

Microsoft Paint has a small set of brushes , pens and other drawing tools , Although , These features are sufficient to perform basic image manipulation , Paint has the text tool that overlays the text objects on top of images .

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint

Paint is simple , user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness , It is easy to learn , It is pre-installed on the computers that run the Windows system , The tools of paint enable basic drawing , shapes , and cropping and it supports for JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG images .

Drawing tools can be accessed from the main toolbar , It includes fill tools such as the eraser , The eyedropper , The magnifier , The pencil, The paintbrush , The spray , The fonts , The lines and the shapes ,The colour palette can be further edited for custom selection .

Microsoft Paint gives the users the ability to draw simple images from scratch , Paint functions as a simple image manipulation tool that allows the users to work with the images from a scanner or digital camera without needing to download additional software .

Paint is appropriate for basic image editing tasks , You can change the image’s dimensions , crop , add the captions and convert color images to black and white  , And it is easy and fun .

Using any painting program involves learning how to use the menu bar and the tool bar , Paint includes a colour palette that allows the user to choose both foreground and background colours with which to work .

Microsoft Paint includes a great Help system that will have you mastering your virtual brush-strokes in minutes , This  information was produced from the screenshots of many of  Microsoft  Paint Help Files .

Microsoft windows paint disadvantages

Microsoft paint has very basic editing capabilities ,  Microsoft Paint is a useful utility but it is not a regular image editing solution such as Photoshop as it has a few very significant limitations .

Microsoft paint has no support for multiple layers , The artist creates the graphic image from scratch in multiple layers , You add a new element to a drawing as a new layer, And you can recover the original work by simply switching back to the bottom layer , The professional image editing programs give the artists the ability to blend the layers together using different techniques , all images in Microsoft Paint have one layer only .

Microsoft paint has no filters and retouching options , The professional image and photo editing programs have many effects and filters that the user can apply to an image .

Microsoft Paint does not have a smudge tool , It is missing many brush shapes available in other image creation programs , It has no support for other operating systems ,  Microsoft Paint works on Windows computers only .

Microsoft Paint does not have all the options and the features which found in Photoshop and Paint shop as they  have many filters , brushes and robust editing tools in their toolboxes , It does not support transparency , filters or layers , It allows the users to resize , rotate and merge images .

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