Microsoft Windows 98 operating system advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of windows 98

Windows 98 is suitable for older hardware such as Pentium I, II, III , It has light weight , It has small installer size , It can be installed from a floppy disk , It can  be installed from DOS , It can be booted to DOS , And It is suitable for application development under dos mainly application recovery .

Windows 98 is  DOS friendly , It has the ability to run certain legacy programs that can’t be replaced and don’t run properly on newer systems , Windows 98 is less reliable than newer alternatives and it has numerous security vulnerabilities , Windows98 provides a group of tools that adapts to the new interface .

Windows98 has integrated the Internet standard comprehensively , It allows the users to find the browse and the information on the computer or on the internet more simply and faster , It has a faster speed and greater stability , With the brand new self-maintenance and updating function , The users can have more spare time to concentrate on work or the games instead of the system management .

Windows 98 is a great improvement compared to Windows95 , It is convenient to install , when installing Windows98 , The system will lead you to complete the installation , and examine all the common hardwares such as moderm , CD-ROM driver , audio card , and printer , etc .

Microsoft Windows 98

Microsoft Windows 98

Windows 98 is more coordinating with the present soft and hardwaresWindows98 provides internal support for more than 1900 present hardware devices , and it has passed the test of compatibility with more than 3500 popular softwares .

The internal support includes the 32 bit device driver program ,  That means the hardware being supported will run faster and more effectively under Windows98 environment , When you are using the “plug and play” device on the computer Windows98 will set it automatically .

If you put a CD that supports automatically playing , Windows98 will play the CD automatically instead of tedious operation procedure to choose play tool , Microsoft Windows98 operating system provides built-in support for external devices , making the using of these widely used devices easier .

From Windows98 , the multi process operating systems have completely different improvement with the preemptive multitasks of Windows95 , The user can choose to averagely distribute system resource for multitasking or put a program that needs a lot of time to the backstage , Thus increase the practical applicability of multitasking .

Windows98 also provides abundant tools for on-line communication , Out Look TM Express , a full function E-mail and News reader client side , Microsoft Net Meeting TM is a solution that provides sound , data , images , meeting function for the Internet meetings .

Windows98 provides a HTML online help system , Windows98 included all the parts of making the desktop a dial-up server , Windows98 supports built-in Advanced Configuration and Power Interface port ,  That allows you to turn on or off your PC as TV.

Windows98 supports direct script from UI or command line ( one script is only a command line that can be carried out automatically ) , Windows98 provides two new tools which are Accessibility Configuration Wizard and a screen magnifying glass .

When the operating system is turned off improperly or heavy mistake of hardware , Windows98 can run the Scan Disk automatically , Windows Maintenance Wizard is designed to enhance the self-maintainability of PC .

Disadvantages of windows 98

Windows 98 does not support and can not be installed on the new device , The support has been withdrawn by the manufacturer ( Microsoft ) , It is hard to find drivers , because hardware manufacturers withdraw support for Windows 98 .

Windows 98 can not detect large memory ( 1GB is still stable , forced 2GB-yield blue screen ) , The utility is very limited especially the network tool , It is easy to the viruses , And it is easy to hack  .

Windows 98 is too risky conduct banking transactions from the browser Windows 98 because of its minimal network , The display is too simple , And it does not support the latest applications .

Windows 98 is soon to be discontinued from Microsoft Support , For modern usage , Windows 98 has only one real practical ,  Windows 98 has had no bug fixes or security updates since 2006 , And Most hardware manufacturers no longer supply drivers for Windows 98 .

Most software developers no longer work to ensure compatibility of their programs with Windows 98 , Windows 98 has limited memory protection and no resource tracking , making it prone to the crashes .

Windows 98 cannot boot on a computer with more than 512 MB of RAM without unofficial patches , And it does not support more than one processor core , The ability to multi-tasking very bad , The ability to multi thread a very bad , Handling a bad device , DMA is often conflict and Cpu resource management turmoil .

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