Final Cut Pro features , uses , advantages and disadvantages

Final Cut Pro is a wonderful non-linear video editing software that is developed by Macromedia Inc , and then Apple Inc , Final Cut Pro runs on Mac personal computers powered by Mac OS X version 10.6.7 or later and using Intel processors , It has more precise sounding , So , you can have as many soundtracks as you want or need .

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro makes professional editing of videos easily , It allows the users to log & transfer videos and the images onto the hard drive ( internal or external ) , where it can be edited , processed and output to many formats , It is one of the most popular video editing software programs available & It is the product of choice for the vast majority of video editors using a Mac computer .

Final Cut Pro is one of the most widely known & used film programs on the market , It is very popular among the filmmakers , It is a superb editing software for Mac users as it integrates very well with the other Apple programs like Color & Soundtrack Pro , Many famous movies have been edited with the program , such as Social Network , Cold Mountain , Serious Man , Intolerable Cruelty , Zodiac and many others .

Final Cut Pro has a wide range of functionality , It is big enough to handle major motion pictures & it is capable of handling your editing needs , Although Final Cut Pro is definitely a leading program on the market , there are other competitors such as Adobe Premiere & Avid Media Composer .

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro features

It is suited to create HD videos of the highest quality , With Final Cut Pro , importing HD video into the editor is easy & flexible , You can import video straight from your camera or from the tape or reel , You can create high-quality HD videos from any media which supports the format and Final Cut Pro is updated for use with the newest cameras & devices .

Final Cut Pro helps you work with multiple channels of audio & mix those channels , It offers many editing features , but it is more difficult for the user to use as it may be a bit complex , You can play many video frames on top of each other , There is almost no limit to the number of videos that you can show on the screen at the same time , You can create cool picture-in-picture effects within your video .

It offers a professional light & color correction , The makers of Final Cut Pro give you the ability to easily adjust and correct problems with color & lighting , You can use these features to give your video a more natural appearance or you can use them to give your video an entirely new look .

If you need more than simple dissolves , fades or exploding the hearts or`the stars in your sequence transitions , Final Cut Pro comes with a wide variety of commercial level transitions , Final Cut Pro presents more types of transitions between the sequences than any other video editing program available .

Using Final Cut Pro will allow you to transfer the projects easily , It helps you burn DVDs , It offers commercial quality DVD authoring , When you have completed editing a video with Final Cut Pro , you can export the video project to Apple’s DVD Studio Pro & create DVDs which rival the best commercial releases .

Final Cut Pro users not only can access to Apple’s highly acclaimed customer support , They can access to a huge user base that is friendly & helpful , There are many forums & help sites where experienced Final Cut Pro users help out newcomers with the solutions to the problems they may experience .

Final Cut Pro offers a large number of third-party plug-ins that automate the tasks & make them even easier , You can find third-party plug-ins which will allow you to use Final Cut Pro with other software , even if it’s not made by Apple .

It offers the industry’s most advanced multi-cam editing , It has the 64-bit engine that enables you to work natively & in real time with a variety of formats , frame sizes and frame rates , You can create a Multicam Clip by automatically syncing up to 64 angles of video using audio wave-forms , or choose custom sync options to precisely align footage or the photos based on the time of day , the time-code or the markers .

To adjust a Multicam Clip , double-click to open it in the Angle Editor timeline , which lets you move , sync , trim , add the effects or color grade individual source clips , When it is time to cut , You can drop the Multicam Clip into your project and click in the customizable Angle Viewer , Or you can use keyboard shortcuts to seamlessly switch between video & audio on the fly , You can combine audio channels from multiple cameras with just a click .

Clip Connections keep related clips together , They make it easy to place the items such as B-roll , sound effects & music in the timeline , so , they all move as one , or , You can press a modifier key to break the connections between the clips & move them independently , Clear visual connections make it easy to hand off the project to another editor or resume editing at a later date .

You can cut through the timeline clutter with Compound Clips , They are automatically saved back to the library , making it easy to reuse them in the other projects , when designing a unique sound effect with layered audio , And Compound Clips work like Multicam Clips , so , any changes you make instantly ripple across the same Compound Clip in all of your projects .

You can use the unique Auditions feature , You can try out the shots & find the perfect one easily , You can collect multiple alternative clips at a single location in the timeline & quickly cycle through them in context , You can test different B-roll shots , different reads of the same lines or different effects , You can use Auditions to create multiple versions of your project for different deliverables & venues .

You can make studio-quality titles in a few clicks , You can choose from simple animated 3D templates or use cinematic templates with built-in backgrounds to create stunning looks with ease , You can customize with hundreds of materials , realistic lighting options & text styles and instantly open any title in Motion for total control .

Color Correction effect can be used to quickly grade your image , with the ability to simultaneously view up to four separate video scopes , You can apply the shape , color & custom draw masks to target color grading and the other effects to specific areas of the frame and save any effect as a preset to easily reuse later .

In addition to using the high-quality , one-step chroma key in Final Cut Pro , you can access advanced keying controls for color sampling , edge adjustment & light wrap , Tackle complex keying challenges without exporting to a motion graphics application & play back results instantly and in context to make critical editing decisions .

Final Cut Pro offers Balance Color , All color grading begins with color balancing , After your footage has been analyzed in the background , you can improve the look of any clip in the browser or the timeline with a click , Balance Color feature uses sophisticated algorithms that increase contrast & remove color casts while making skin tones appear more natural .

Final Cut Pro comes with Streamlined Share , Customizable Share interface makes it fast & easy to deliver high-quality files from Final Cut Pro , You can choose from export presets optimized for a wide range of destinations ,  such as iPhone , iPad , Apple TV and the web , or use compressor to easily create custom settings .

You can export the projects , clips or ranges easily , You can add chapter markers to your timeline and create custom bundles to deliver the same media to multiple destinations in a single step , Final Cut Pro uses the power of the GPU to accelerate exports in the background .

You can use Powerful Media Organization , Today’s video editor deals with more formats & footage than ever before , A beautiful & dynamic editing interface lets you experiment freely while working with extraordinary speed & precision .

Final Cut Pro offers Range-Based Keywords , Prep footage with incredible speed by creating your own keywords & assigning them to whole clips or clip ranges ,  while the keyboard shortcuts allow you to add the keywords in seconds , You can keyword multiple ranges across the same clip without having to duplicate media or make sub-clips .

You are able to access a wide range of bundled titles & generators such graphic backgrounds and textures  in the same large browser , When you find the content you’re looking for , drag and drop to add it to your library or directly to your timeline .

Final Cut Pro disadvantages

Final Cut Pro is a more complex user to understand , It can sometimes corrupts your file if it isn’t saved properly which would then lead to all of your work becoming lost , To save your work , you should do this every 5 minutes , just to make sure that your work doesn’t corrupt .

There are limited export settings , You are limited in the formats & the sizes you can export from FCPX , Whereas before you could export a many codecs & formats out of FCP , you must complete more specific encoding in compressor .

There is no export for Hi-Res JPGs , When you want high resolution screenshots , you must save them as TIFF or PNG files , JPG stills can be saved out of FCPX but they will be low resolution files , It does not support for EDL , It has no XML Import and it has no OMF export .

It has no Native Support for Red Raw files , It has inability to open Projects Saved From Previous FCP Versions , The initial release will not allow you to open up projects saved from previous Final Cut Pro versions , There may be some ability to import legacy projects in future updates .

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