Flock Web Browser features , uses , advantages and disadvantages

Flock web browser is designed to facilitate online activities of Internet users to organize some social networking , web mail , news feeds & blogs , By using Flock they can explore , share and enjoy content & relationships in friendship sites they want , Flock is built to code the web browser Mozilla Firefox which is specialized in providing social networking & web 2.0 .

Flock web browser

Flock browser achieves its goal of being a great social web browser , It emphasizes how you interface with social networking sites , RSS , media feeds & blogs , You can keep up-to-date contacts with your Facebook , Flicker , Twitter , MySpace , You can edit & upload photo services to social sites by using the menu photo uploader .

Flock web browser is a separate browser that encourage the users to share what they consume on the Web & watch what the others are doing , It is integrated to social networking sites , Posting Blog articles directly without going through the menu Blog Editor dashboard , It is Integrated with Blogger , Blogsome , LiveJournal , Type-pad , WordPress , Xanga and also your personal blog account .

Flock web browser is a browser developed by Mozilla , the makers of the renowned Firefox browser , It may be said that Flock is the best social web browser still now , what does the term “social web browser” means? , It means that Flock is integrated with all of the social networking options , such as Facebook , MySpace , bebo , Twitter , flicker , Digg , YouTube and many more .

Flock Web Browser

Flock Web Browser

Flock Web Browser advantages

Flock Web Browser is a Social Networking Browser that supports e-mail , media , feeds and blogging , It has awesome bar , It comes with Spell checker , It has friendly interface , It offers excellent tools to share the photos , news and more , It has higher security , It is the first Social Web Browser in the World , It has many features which are in the modern web 2.0 world .

Flock Web Browser is the best suited web browser , You can update your Facebook status directly without opening the website ( of course must be already logged in ) , and also know the friends’ status updates via the People Sidebar , You can check your email via webmail menu .

Flock is a modified version of the excellent Firefox Web browser that offers some special features for social net-workers and bloggers , It’s available free at flock.com in essentially identical versions for Windows , Mac and Linux .

Flock browser has an inbuilt blog editor , a fully customizable view bar , feed setters , an integrated photo uploader , webmail integrated with popular mail sites like Google and yahoo along with the usual browser functions , Flock is lightweight & easy to use .

First page named as “My World”, The page have so many links to use many social web sites such as Facebook , Digg , Hi5 , Flickr , Picasa , Flock supports in built and Live Image , video and any other media streaming on its Media Bar , News Feed Viewer is very attractive thing in Flock .

Flock browser adds the special vertical “sidebar” at the left of the browser that keeps your social networks , photo sites or news feeds visible at all times , you can see that you have a new friend request in Facebook , or that a pal has posted new photos in Flickr , without clicking away from reading this column in the main browser window .

With one click , you can display the horizontal media bar across the top of the browser containing thumbnails of all of a friend’s photos or videos from a social-networking or photo site , You can drag the images & text from Web pages into the sidebar to share them with friends listed there , And any photo on the media bar can be quickly emailed or posted to a blog .

Flock browser is productive & fun to use , There’s also a Web clipboard , which can save any text , image or link from a site in the main window by dragging it to the Flock sidebar , Once an item is in this clipboard , it stays there until you delete it .

Flock browser has its own built-in blog editor , that allows you to quickly compose , edit and publish blog posts containing interesting items you encounter on the Web , And it creates a special personal Web page , called My World , which combines your social-networking updates , news feeds and photos .

You can broadcast your activities with Flock-cast , You can Broadcast your status , blogs & pictures , You can shut down FlockCast , You can set up Webmail Account in Flock and you can work with Multiple Webmail Accounts .

You can track & find feeds & feed readers , Use the Diggman , You can use enhanced search tools & favorites organizing , You can save favorites with one click , Browsing History and the Web , You can change how searches are done , You can set up an online favorites account & publish online .

Flock Web Browser disadvantages

Flock Web Browser eases multitasking but it has some significant drawbacks , It does not support major web services , It requires greater resources , On some computers , starting Flock browser for the first time will take some time and Skin Flock even today still limited .

Flock isn’t for everyone , You’d need a fairly large or high-resolution monitor to accommodate the Flock sidebar and media bar without reducing the size of the main browser window so much as to require too much scrolling , Even with a big or high-res screen ,  you will see fewer toolbar links and browser tabs than normally .

Flock browser has a busy & frenetic look that can be distracting and annoying , So many things are going on at once that it can be hard to concentrate on the main web page you are reading in the main window .

Flock doesn’t entirely eliminate clicking around , Its sidebar can display only one type of information at a time , social networks and photo-sharing sites in one view , news feeds in a second , the clipboard in a third and Web bookmarks in a fourth , So you’ll have to click the sidebar’s own controls fairly to check all of these or keep going to the special My World page in the main window .

Flock browser works with only certain social networking , photo-sharing & blogging services , While it does not support most of the main ones , there are some glaring omissions , Hotmail , Windows Live Spaces & SmugMug , among others , are missing and it doesn’t support any instant-messaging services at all .

Flock browser have much to improve though , the addons & plugins are still less than sufficient , The browser also supports the plugins created by an outside user , Just like Firefox , one can develop an addon and submit to the site so that others can use the addon .

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