Premium WordPress Themes , predesigned theme advantages and disadvantages

Premium WordPress themes are designed by the professionals , They are created for a specific type of websites , adding features that will not be found in free themes , They will require a small price , They should not suffer from poor coding or lack of compatibility , If you use a premium theme , you can normally enjoy regular updates & satisfactory support .

Premium WordPress themes advantages

Premium WordPress themes are available to purchase from numerous third-party WordPress theme shops & marketplaces , There are more features & customization options , The elements you can drag & drop in a premium WordPress theme , Due to the competition in the premium theme industry , Theme shops are trying to offer more features at lower prices .

You can get themes that contain the options like drag & drop builders , short-codes , multiple layouts , the templates & unlimited color choices , The customization options give you the ability to personalize your theme , So , your website will look unique , When you create the website or blog using the WordPress platform and you will have the theme you want to use .

There are some defining elements to look for in a premium WordPress theme , Standards-compliant : Up-to-date with the latest versions of WordPress , PHP , CSS , and HTML , It is responsive , It is compatible across different browsers , It is customizable and it works well with the other plugins .

Premium WordPress theme

Premium WordPress theme

Premium WordPress themes are more unique , Because there’s a cost associated to premium themes , They’re less frequently used when compared to free themes , Both the free & purchasable themes available can save the money & the time , The expectations of predesigned themes must be managed , Most users of a new theme will not know the details of the theme’s functionality until it is installed .

Most predesigned themes have a large range of layout options , they are quite flexible in their design , look & feel , It is common that the user can change the color , the background , the fonts and add functionality to their website fairly easily .

You can maintain your site relatively easily , Updates are just a click on the theme update or at worst a file (ftp) upload , Many are well designed and allow a good level of customization options without a need for coding , Many Themes are mobile friendly and read well on phones or the other mobile devices .

There are thousands of quality & well-maintained themes to choose from and they are easy to change , Less expensive option than the static website because the template is already built , It has a consistent layout , and design , Once you add your content , there is not as much to do to complete the website , This speeds up the time and that greatly lessens cost .

If you use a predesigned theme , You will not need any costly or special software  , Many have built in functionality that help to save the time , This can include the widgets or plugins that you do not have to search for , These functions can assist you with social media links , contact forms , side panels , slideshows and many other options that the users may find useful .

Premium WordPress themes disadvantages

There are thousands of different premium themes , but not all premium themes are perfect , Premium themes  may have poor codes , you may end up buying the premium theme that looks pretty but has poor coding standards which could make it incompatible with some plugins , as these themes don’t have to go through a strict review process .

The developers add many unnecessary features into their themes to sell more themes , You will never use all those features , but they are making your website slow , They can offer functionality that they are not supposed to offer , such as creating custom post types , short-codes and other things that would disappear as soon as you switch theme .

Anything can be changed in the prebuilt themes , but most changes will require coding , If you need to have someone else change the code there will be a cost , It could be difficult for most developers to provide you with a cost estimate upfront because they will first need to learn the capabilities of the theme before they will know what it will take to change it .

Predesigned theme may not have functionality your site will need , including being mobile ready , etc , It may not look the way you thought that it would look , out of the box , If it doesn’t look like the demo then you will have a developer to make the changes to the code to assist you with the final product .

If the developer has not worked with that theme in the past , so , he have to learn everything about functions & discover what changes can be made within the administrative area , The developer will determine what coding will be needed , This could take the time & increase your cost .

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