SeaMonkey browser features , uses , advantages and disadvantages

SeaMonkey browser is stable , It is faster & more responsive than Firefox , It is user friendly than Google Chrome or Internet Explorer , Unlike Firefox , It allows the users to log in to Facebook , eBay or mail accounts without giving warning , It is customisable , It is a good app to use for those that dislike having many different apps on their devices .

SeaMonkey features

The full Mozilla Firefox or SeaMonkey is the internet suite , that is a combination of the web browser to surf the Internet , e-mail client to receive & send e-mails , news client to receive news & HTML editor to edit the web pages which use HTML ( hyper text mark-up language ) , It has Spellcheck , It doesn’t crash or hang .

SeaMonkey ( name of a marine animal ) was formerly named Mozilla Application Suite , that is the development of artificial Netscape Navigator Communications Corporation , SeaMonkey is a free software , open source & cross-platform , It is developed jointly by a community led by SeaMonkey Council .

It is the Mozilla product that contains the web browser ( based on Firefox ) , the email & newsgroups client ( based on Thunderbird ) , the HTML editor , JavaScript debugger & the IRC chat client , It is more than an e-mail client because it is a full featured web browser as well .



SeaMonkey is built on the newest source code of Firefox , It has the look of the Mozilla or Netscape browser , We can add to SeaMonkey the same extensions as Firefox , which helps to make it a tool for webmaster & Web development .

It contains a cookie manager which lets you view & delete the cookies created when surfing , The sub-menu “About plug-ins” in the Help menu offers a list of plug-ins that are either installed immediately with the browser or found on the computer and integrated into the browser .

SeaMonkey browser is different from the original Mozilla suite , Taking the benefit of the progress made in Firefox , It has become more compact & faster , Its interest lies in the integration of various tools and is suitable for the users involved in the Web , who want to use all the resources of the network .

The main feature of SeaMonkey is that it is an all-in-one internet suite , So , It does not offer browsing capabilities only , but it also has an email client , built-in chat & a WYSIWYG editor which help you build simple , basic websites , SeaMonkey is a great default browser if you are seeking an all-inclusive internet suite which limits the number of individual applications you need to utilize .

SeaMonkey browser comes with most of the add-ons & extensions compatible with Mozilla’s Firefox , both the internet browsers use the same rendering engine , Superb features such as the password manager , customizable toolbars & the ability to restore the sessions .

SeaMonkey supports most of Mozilla’s security functions as it is the browser that is built on Mozilla’s source code , SeaMonkey browser safeguards against most online threats including viruses , rootkits and fraudulent phishing websites , You can download new security updates directly from the SeaMonkey website .

SeaMonkey browser is easy to install & its features are easy to access and utilize , It comes with very few support options for the users , As an open-source platform , the browser relies heavily on community users to offer support , The user forums prove to be a good resource , where you can ask the questions and find relevant information to your inquiry .

SeaMonkey is used with some operating systems such as Windows , Macintosh  or Linux , It is a community developed project , It presents an integrated suite of complete Internet tools , such as email , browsing , chat & more , It is a good option if you want all-in-one browsing & internet capabilities .

SeaMonkey uses the classic Netscape-style interface & menu design , It has a classic design , so , it’s got the big Forward , Back , Reload & Stop buttons to the left of the address bar , It has drop-down tabs in the bookmarks manager , so , everything is listed together .

SeaMonkey has a single sidebar with a list of all the folders , with four tabs , for search ( with a choice of search engines ) , history , bookmarks , an address book and the DOM Inspector , You can hide any tabs you don’t plan on using , Sea monkey sidebar has single-key access (F9) , It is a combined browser & email reader .

SeaMonkey disadvantages

SeaMonkey doesn’t come with many of the more advanced features we looked for in the web browsers , It doesn’t offer mouse gestures or voice interaction for multimodial browsing , it doesn’t support CSS3 and you can’t change the doc-type , even for new pages .

SeaMonkey’s startup speed is sluggish , Many of SeaMonkey’s inherent drawbacks are a result of its open-source platform , SeaMonkey browser does not have the sleekness and ease of use the top internet browsers in our lineup possess .

SeaMonkey can not change the DTD , so , you can’t write HTML5 , It only publishes by FTP , no other protocols , It does not have a lot of extra features , It needs better security encryption for the web pages , Although it supports a large number of the extensions for those two apps , Not every extension works .

A lot of Firefox add-ons ( barring a few such as Adblock Plus ) are not compatible with SeaMonkey , The design looks ancient ( it resembles the oldest versions of Firefox ) , It won’t appeal to all , It isn’t as up to date in its design as some of the other , more commonly used browsers , Its overall feel is reminiscent of other browsers in both the browser window & the navigation buttons & tools .

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  1. boldlowe says:

    Not trustworthy. It can invade your computer whenever it wants to.
    My Seamonkey has been set (and I even double checked 4 times this week) that it is NEVER EVER NEVER to update the program. I will choose when to update.
    So, when I went to update, the invaders had already, not only downloaded the update but installed it WITHOUT my permission.
    Any program that does that is not to be trusted.

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