Konqueror Browser uses , features , advantages and disadvantages

Konqueror is a web browser powered by KHTML web technologies , It is open source , It is built & maintained by the KDE project , It can be installed on Linux and Windows or Mac if you install KDE on Windows/Mac , It has a ton of native features such as ad-blocking , email , PDF viewing , text editing , FTP and more .

Konqueror browser

[Linux] Konqueror is a web browser & a file manager , It is powered by KHTML , It is the official browser of KDE , It was first released on May 12 , 2000 as part of KDE 1.90 that was a beta release , The first stable release of Konqueror was on October 23 , 2000 as part of KDE 2.0 .

It supports HTML 4.01 , CSS 2.1 , CSS 3 selectors , SSL , Java , JavaScript , DOM2 , partial DOM3 and Netscape plug-ins including Flash , Apple Inc. made a fork of KHTML called Web-Kit and used it in their Safari web browser , In KDE 4.4 and higher , there is an option to use the Web-Kit engine in Konqueror .

Konqueror file viewer can help you explore the files on your computer or remotely to the other computers , To install Konqueror , you have to install KDE in advance , KDE Desktop Environment in the family is UNIX , if you are a windows user especially first install KDE .

Konqueror Browser

Konqueror advantages

Konqueror is fast & efficient browser , It includes built-in advertisement blocking , It contains a pop-up blocker , It has a password manager , It offers a tabbed browsing , It has split-screen browsing option , It comes with “Bookmark” manager , It has Web-page translation and it presents Spelling checker .

Konqueror supports text-based in-browser web shortcuts , Some are included & more may be added , Konqueror doesn’t take three minutes to load , It doesn’t take a full minute to load a tab , It has an IMAP email client and it will most certainly come in handy for the right person .

In Addition to a web browser , It has the ability to perform local file management & file viewer , With technology KPart object model , the browser is able to execute , edit specific files such as the documents or PDF file format , KPart can be used to embed multimedia content in an HTML page .

Konqueror uses KHTML as its browser layout engine , It complies to open web standards , It has native ad-blocking support , It has some plugin support via Konqueror I/O plugin system , It offers brilliant file manager integration that allows for viewing of local & remote file systems via a file system .

Konqueror does not offer any kind of app , plugin or add-on store to mention ,  It offers many features , It is built in IMAP email client , It has VNC viewer support , It can be used as a PDF viewer , It can be used as a text editor , It can be used as a spreadsheet editor and it can be used as an SVN client .

Konqueror comes with amazing file manager integration , It can also work as a file manager and it does a great job at that , You can view both local or remote files ( through FTP , SSH , SFTP and Samba protocol ) .

Konqueror browser comes with a low footprint , when it is used in KDE because most of the resources needed are loaded , This makes the startup time & general loading times between commands very fast compared to the other browsers in KDE , It is a very robust & powerful web browsing program .

Konqueror is free , It is a great browser , If you’re not interested in what Google , Opera , or Mozilla have to offer , then by all means Konqueror is easily one of the greatest browsers on Linux , The advantage of Konqueror is its additional features beyond web browsing .

Konqueror disadvantages

Konqueror browser does not have large extension support , It has no extension support similar to Opera , Chrome/Chromium and Firefox , It is unable to tap into the large collection of Chrome extensions like many other browsers do , So , the options to extend Konqueror’s functionality are pretty limited .

You should install KDE in advance to install Konqueror , KDE Desktop Environment in the family is Unix , if you are a windows user especially first install KDE , However , Konqueror still limited to Windows , No can render well all web pages , especially specific in the other web browsers .

Konqueror has many drawbacks by not going the Web-kit route ( e.g. all web-pages may not display properly ) , Web-kit is a fork of KHTML , that is used by Konqueror , However , even though Web-kit originated from KHTML , they are two separate engines maintained by different developers now .

Konqueror browser does not have incognito/private mode , It does not have the option to browse the web in private mode , that is used when you don’t want to leave any search history or avoid saving any cookies or cached data , Konqueror is used by tech-savvy people , It is not recognized by “Web 2.0” websites , Addons are supposedly supported , but none are available .

Konqueror is fast to start up and light , but having trouble with some pages , Mozilla/Netscape6 is much better with rendering all most any web-page ( and make it look very pretty ) , but is very heavy , and somewhat sluggish and Opera is somewhere between .

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