Erosion of ozone layer, and protection from ozone layer pollutants

The erosion of the ozone layer

The ozone hole is a thinning or losing part of the ozone layer above the south pole, scientists have noticed that there was an erosion of the ozone layer above the South Pole, Since 1978, And it is known as the ozone hole.

The ozone hole increases in September each year, Because all the pollutants assemble as black clouds, and they are pushed by the wind towards the South Pole to increase the ozone depletion from year to year.

The most dangerous pollutants of the ozone layer
The ozone layer
The most dangerous pollutants of the ozone layer

Chlorofluorocarbon compounds which are known as Freon, and it is used as a cooling substance in the air conditioning sets, It is used as a Propellant substance in aerosols, It is used as a flating substance in making the foam backing, And It is used as the solvent substance for cleaning the electric circuits slides.

Halons which used in the fire extinguishers.

Nitrogen oxides are produced from the burning of the fuel of ultrasound airplanes (Concorde).

Methyl bromide gas that is used as an insecticide to preserve the stored agricultural crops.

Erosion of the ozone layer
The steps of the erosion of the ozone layer
How to Protect the ozone layer?

There was an international conference in Canada, It was held in 1987 to discuss how to protect the ozone layer which is known as Montreal Protocol, and they reached a group of recommendations, It was signed by 191 nations. 

Some of these recommendations are to reduce the use of chlorofluorocarbon compounds and we must find safer alternatives, And we must stop producing ultrasound Concorde planes as their exhausts affect the ozone layer.

Montreal Protocol has been modified in London in 1990 in a way that all the nations must ban the production or handling the chlorofluorocarbon compounds.

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