The solar system and the milky way galaxy

The Earth is the planet where we live on and has the highest density in the inner planets .

The solar system

The galaxy that our solar system belongs to is known  as ” The way of chopped hay galaxy ” or “ The Milky Way galaxy ” It takes an oval shape with coiled spiral arms extend from it , the Sun lies on one of these spiral arms . The solar system consists of the Sun , the Planets , the Moons , the Asteroids , the Meteors , the Meteorites and the Comets .

The Sun which  is the star of our solar system . It is the biggest body in the solar system . It lies in the center of the the solar system and the other bodies of the solar system revolve around it .

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system , while Mercury is The smallest one . Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun , while Neptune is the farthest one from the Sun .

The Planets which  are eight spherical opaque bodies that revolve around the Sun in one direction ( counter clockwise ) ,  They are arranged according to the distances from the Sun as follows : Mercury , Venus , Earth , Mars , Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , Neptune . They revolve around the Sun in semi – circular or elliptical ( oval ) orbits ,  The orbits of the planets lie in one plane perpendicular to the Sun’s axis of rotation around itself .

Mercury and Venus have no Moons revolve around them . Earth has one moon . Mars has two moons . Jupiter has 62 moons . Saturn has 60 moons . Uranus has 27 moon . Neptune has 12 moons .

The Moons which are the small planets ( the satellites ) that are affected by the gravity of the larger planets and rotate around them . 

The Asteroids are the celestial bodies that rotate around the Sun in the region of “the belt of the wanderer asteroids” which lies between orbits of Mars and Jupiter , The belt of the wanderer asteroids separates the group of the inner planets from the group of the outer planets .

When the small rocky masses fall within the atmosphere of the Earth , These masses could burn up completely as a result of the heat produced from their friction with the air . leading to formation of luminous arrows in the sky . these objects are called ” Meteors” .

The Meteors which are luminous arrows that can be seen in the sky due to completely burning of small rocky masses in the Earth’s atmosphere . Meteors can be seen with the naked eye at the clear nights .

The Meteorites which are the remaining part of the rocky masses without burning that falls on the surface of the Earth . The biggest meteorites till now has a mass of 80 tons and exists at the southern west of Africa . 

The comet consists of two parts which are :1- The head which contains icy spheres that are a mixture of solidified gases , rocky parts , dust and water molecules . 2 – The Tail which considered a gaseous cloud .

The comets which are masses of rocks , ice and solidified gases that revolve around the Sun in more elongated elliptical orbits intersecting with the orbits of the planets .

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