iPhone 4 review, advantages, disadvantages & features

iPhone 4 is the 4th generation iPhone, it has an all-new look, new feel and plenty of new skill, We already caught a glimpse of the iOS4 But there’s much more such as a 1GHz chip, two cameras, HD video and of course the Retina display and the highest-res screen we have seen so far on a GSM phone.

Advantages of iPhone 4

iPhone 4 has a capacitive touchscreen, the screen type is LED-backlit IPS TFT, 16M colors with size 640×960 pixels, 3.5 inches, It has a scratch-resistant oleophobic surface, It has multi-touch input method, It has accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, It has three-axis gyro sensor, and it has proximity sensor for auto turn-off.

One of the new iPhone 4 features is the reduced size SIM slot due to the compact size of the iPhone 4,  iPhone 4 uses a micro SIM card which is smaller than the regular iPhone SIM card.

iPhone 4 has full Connectivity, and large internal memory, Its memory has internal 16 GB storage, 512 MB RAM, And it is not external, iPhone 4 is 115.2×58.6×9.3 mm, and it is 137 g.

iPhone 4

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 has quad-band GSM and quad-band 3G support with 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA, It has a scratch-resistant glass front and rear with fingerprint-resistant coating.

iPhone 4 has 5 MP autofocus camera with LED flash and touch focus, It has 720p video recording at 30fps, iPhone 4 is built-in flash which is great for shooting video in dark areas, It has Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, and it has GPS with A-GPS connectivity with digital compass.

iPhone 4 has standard 3.5 mm audio jack, stereo Bluetooth v2.1, It has excellent audio output quality, It has slim waistline at only 9.3mm, It has a secondary front-facing camera, It has some degree of multitasking and rich AppStore, It has active noise cancellation with a dedicated secondary microphone.

The front-facing camera is a cool iPhone 4 feature, It allows you to take a picture or a video of your self, It is an interesting iPhone 4 features that with the use of FaceTime or other third-party applications.

iPhone 4 features, multitasking with iOS 4 task switcherMusic applications like Last FM, Pandora, or other iPhone audio applications will continue playing music when you tap the home button, The music will stay playing in the background while you can open another application like iPhone Safari, or iPhone mail.

The iPhone 4 battery is bigger than iPhone 3GS which makes it last longer, The battery life is a great iPhone 4 feature, Its battery is Li-Po 1420mAh, You can stream video, watch TV shows, make phone calls and listen to music.

The retina display is simply amazing and is the best iPhone 4 feature, You will not stop looking at the screen, You can read the smallest text in a website, and if you can’t read it, you can simply use a magnifying glass, The text is so clear and fine that it is almost like reading from a printed magazine.

With iPhone 4 and iOS 4, You will have the ability to turn the volume up or down from your iPhone 4 itself, This is helpful when you have an iPhone Bluetooth headset connected where you can’t reach the volume buttons on the headset, You can control the volume of any connected iPhone Bluetooth speaker or headsets.

iPhone video chat with other video chatting applications like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Tango are available in the App Store, They allow video chatting over 3G,  you can video chat with friends who are using Android phones or even, Mac or PC, You can use the front-facing camera to take a still picture or video, The front camera picture quality is not as high as the rear 5 MegaPixel camera.

The flash is one of the best iPhone 4 features, It makes iPhone 4 camera usable in almost any light condition, You can take the picture in a completely dark room with no lights and using only iPhone 4 flash.

You can display your recorded HD video from your iPhone 4 to your HDTV wirelessly using AirPlay if you have iOS 4.3, The video quality using any of those methods is impressive on a big TV.

Disadvantages of iPhone 4

Deleted message can return to iPhone 4, According to iPhone 4 users who have been deleted text messages, Anyone can resurrection the deleted message through the special search function, This is really not safe because it can not protect the privacy of iPhone 4 users.

iPhone 4 has serious deflected pictures, The pictures that are taken by iPhone 4 are not good, where the color is very far away from the original object, For example, purple turns to deep blue.

iPhone 4 has limited MMS capability, The Multimedia Messaging Service is really limited, Maybe iPhone 4 users have experienced, It has fake multitask, When returning to a background app, the process is returned but the information will be lost, the software will not be able to back to restore state.

iPhone 4 is expensive compared to other phones, The price is beyond many people’s budget, The camera of iPhone 4 is megapixels which are not enough, iPhone 4 ships a 5MP camera is not enough, It needs improvement as other new phones in the industry keep coming with better pixels.

iPhone 4 has no hardware shutter key for the camera, It has no FM radio, It has no stereo speakers, It has no microSD card slot, It has no smart dialing, It has poor loudspeaker performance, and it depends on iTunes for loading multimedia content.

The hardware design of iPhone 4 is prone to reception issues, It has MicroSIM card support only, there is no Flash support in the web browser, iPhone 4 has no file transfer over Bluetooth or USB Mass Storage mode, It has no true multitasking for all applications, FaceTime video calls work only over Wi-Fi MicroSIM card support only.

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