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Oppo R9 0

Oppo R9 specifications, review, pros and cons

Oppo R9 includes a primary camera of 21 MP, It has f/2.0, phase detection autofocus, LED flash, It comes with superb features like face detection, panorama, geo-tagging, touch focus & HDR, It supports a video...

Nuclear energy 0

Radioactivity and the peaceful uses of nuclear energy

The nuclear energy All the elements consist of atoms, The atom consists of a nucleus surrounded by the electrons revolving around it in certain energy levels, The atom mass is concentrated in the nucleus that contains...

Electric current types 0

The sources and types of the electric current

Sources of the electric current The electric current can be generated by different methods , The common sources are the generators ( Dynamos ) & the electrochemical cells ( electrolytic cells ) , The electricity which you use in your homes are...