Artificial intelligence in education, AI tutors features, advantages and disadvantages

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field in computer science that involves the creation of intelligent systems that behave like human beings, Artificial Intelligence can determine the best teaching method for each student, This will help in detecting students with learning disabilities and addressing them early in their education, lead to better grades and students garnering skills that are applicable in the real world.

Artificial Intelligence In Education

Artificial intelligence can be used through adaptive learning programs, games, and software, It can help students to work at their own pace, AI will impact education through the application of greater levels of individualized learning, Educational software can be adapted to student needs.

AI can be used in many activities in education, such as grading, In college, grading homework and tests for large lecture courses can be tedious work, teachers find that grading takes up a significant amount of time, that could be used to interact with students, prepare for class, or work on professional development, teachers can automate grading for all kinds of multiple choice & fill-in-the-blank testing.

AI can point out places where online courses need to improve, When a large number of students are found to submit a wrong answer to a homework assignment, the system alerts the teacher and presents future students a customized message that offers hints to the correct answer.

Students can get additional support from AI tutors, while human tutors can offer that machines can’t, Some tutoring programs based on artificial intelligence exist and can help students through basic mathematics, writing, and other subjects, AI programs can teach students fundamentals, but so far aren’t ideal for helping students learn high-order thinking and creativity.

Artificial Intelligence can offer feedback about the success of the course as a whole, It can help teachers and students to craft courses that are customized to their needs, students will get all the necessary knowledge, Some schools are using AI systems to monitor student progress and to alert professors when there might be an issue with student performance.

AI-based systems have changed how we interact with information, They can be instead of schools, They offer superb skills that students always need, Intelligent system helps find and use information in schools & academia as well, It can help students improve learning, and maybe a substitute for real-world tutoring, Teachers will supplement AI lessons, assist students who are struggling, AI can offer human interaction and hands-on experiences for students.

An intelligent computer system is designed to help students to learn basic skills from anywhere in the world at any time, Educational programs powered by AI may replace teachers in some instances, It can alter higher education, AI tutors can offer solutions for learning improvement, AI is the perfect format for supporting this kind of learning, as AI systems learn by trial-and-error method.

AI systems can read students handwriting & grade their exams, This is achieved by using a concept known as computer vision where computers are trained to read images, such systems will fight cheating & plagiarism, AI systems can predict the future performance of a student by looking at their performance over time, AI will help the Ministry of Education know how many students are expected to join the secondary school and university at a certain year.

Natural language processing is the ability of a computer to understand human language, It can be used to analyze course content and uncover learning gaps in the curriculum, AI system can uncover the student’s areas of weakness and suggest content to help them improve, It can discover the best delivery models for students.

AI systems can analyze the syllabus and course material and come up with new and customized content, It can generate exams after analyzing this content, By analyzing student data, AI systems can pair up students based on their personality, strengths and complementary skills, Grouping students who can work together will reduce conflict and make the learning process smooth and efficient.

Artificial Intelligence Tutors can offer additional support to students & they can give them feedback in their studies, They will make on-demand learning for students possible, So, students don’t have to be confined in a class setting to conduct their studies, AI technology can increase tech experience for students, The use of artificial intelligence shows the power of tech & coding, and it might encourage kids to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

Smart Schools will be built based on the internet, They will connect various devices to the internet, The devices will communicate with each other and monitor things such as alarms, lighting and maintenance needs before they happen, Smart classrooms will invigilate exams & curb cheating, The classrooms will be configured with facial recognition technology that will monitor student attendance and tell how long the student spent in a particular class session.

AI tutors advantages

Artificial Intelligence helps make education more comfortable, It lets the kid choose literally everything: the learning pace, the curriculum, the form of education, and the educator, Teachers can collect insights about every student they teach, develop an individualized approach, and handle the toughest kids easier, It is possible to create adapted groups whose skills and motivation match the project and work with them.

Artificial Intelligence is perfect, It is not prone to human error, so, the knowledge it shares is right, AI doesn’t need to take breaks, so, every student can contact a virtual tutor whenever he needs academic assistance, Advances in Artificial Intelligence provide teachers with a better understanding of how their students learn and allowing them to customize the curriculum accordingly.

AI technology provides people with experiences they didn’t have a chance to try before, It can bring down the language gap for foreign students, the challenge of education is extremely tough for the kids of emigrants, Artificial intelligence is a way to resolve the issue and translate the words of the teacher to a foreigner in a real-time mode.

Artificial Intelligence can save time by outsourcing repetitive tasks, with the use of bots and AI-technology, learning can turn into a fun and engaging experience, Artificial Intelligence presents a few possibilities that can make the education of disabled students easier, From virtual presence devices that can let the kid attend the classroom to virtual classroom and teachers that create a unique studying experience, now the world of knowledge can be brought everywhere.

ITS (Intelligent Tutoring Systems) can function without the teacher having to be present and can challenge and support the learner using different algorithms, By analyzing learner information, Artificial Intelligence can generate groups suited to a certain task, or groups that balance one learner’s weaknesses with another learner’s strengths.

Artificial Intelligence can analyze patterns in which a large number of students submit wrong answers to the same questions, By alerting the educator to these patterns, AI can help make teachers more effective, It can learn students’ habits and propose the most efficient study schedule for them, Robots won’t get bored, tired or need a break and If the machine encounters a problem or question out of its programming a human will be contacted to step in.

Robots are cost-efficient and can work 24 hours, seven days a week in those repetitive and time-consuming tasks no human enjoys doing, It can save teachers time and give a more realistic overview of a child’s achievements in school, translation apps are not as accurate as human translation, but machine translation can be faster and more efficient.

AI tutors disadvantages

Robot teachers come with a high cost of power, If every school gets a robot, the amount of power it has to use will increase, countries will have to spend more budget to cover the expenses, and electrical power is a non-renewable resource, Educational programs powered by AI work by the algorithms that are not influenced by the repetition of the task, So, their experience doesn’t matter and doesn’t make them any better.

Artificial Intelligence can stimulate technology addiction, With tech implemented in every classroom, kids won’t be able to imagine their lives without it, they rely on machines to make everyday tasks more efficient, So, we risk technology addiction, we’ll get a bunch of socially-unadapted technology-addicted adults.

Although Artificial intelligence improves the education experience, Relying too much on these machines to grade or tutor may lead to educational oversights that hurt learners more than help, Making teaching more efficient could create less of a demand for educators, the implementation of AI may mean a decrease in teaching aids and assistants.

AI technology will cause unemployment, The teachers will be replaced by robots, teachers may start movements and protests, There will be lack of personal engagement by replacing teachers with robots, but Educators are not “knowledge packs”, they present personal guidance, make an influence, and lead by example.

The power of Artificial Intelligence is in the hands of those who rule it, So, if someone can hack the code, he will gain the power to spread violent, inappropriate information and propaganda, The attention and the ability to multitask are reduced, We use so much help from machines that our own abilities shrink.

There are no alternative teaching methods, A good teacher can offer several ways to solve a particular problem, The teacher develops the flexibility of the student’s mind, but the robot will offer a standard solution with no alternative variants, AI widens the rich-poor gap, Bots and other AI learning tools will require a student to have a tablet or a laptop, but the government doesn’t fund all the technological implementations.

Kids’ ability to learn from a virtual assistant is still unclear, whether students will be invested in education and motivated enough to study when teachers are not there to supervise, Artificial intelligence comes with a high cost of installation, maintenance and repair, It is expensive, Only the most well-funded schools will find themselves in a position to benefit from AI.

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