Artificial intelligence advantages, disadvantages, definition, features and applications

Artificial intelligence can be used in all fields such as medicine, space exploration, mining, education, fuel, fraud detection, etc, All these have helped mankind a lot & made his life easier, Artificial intelligence offers faster decisions in any field or industry, Retailers & services can use Artificial Intelligence to optimizes dynamic pricing within a minute however humans can take whole days or more days.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be defined as the science & engineering of making intelligent machines, It is known as “AI”, It refers to the ‘intelligence’ of machinery when we refer to intelligence we are measuring the ability of the machine to understand its environment and the corresponding actions it takes.

It is the branch of computer science or the process of making the computer to understand human language through well-designed programs, So, Computers will be very fast with huge memory capabilities, (AI) is designed which understand human language & it can react accordingly, The whole process can be achieved by a lot of training, testing and designing involved in making the system perfect, to behave like humans.

Artificial intelligence covers every field such as medicine, finance, engineering, and many more, It is the intelligence shown by systems & machines, It is artificially created, and AI can be used in our daily life, The best example of AI is the GPS on our smartphone, Robots are designed to do specific jobs, self-driving cars are intelligent machines, They can do the task assigned to them without the help of humans, The systems have to be programmed in the right manner.

The traditional goals of AI research include reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception, and the ability to move and manipulate objects, General intelligence (the ability to solve an arbitrary problem) is among the field’s long-term goals, To solve these problems, AI researchers have adapted and integrated a wide range of problem-solving techniques, including search and mathematical optimization, formal logic, artificial neural networks, and methods based on statistics, probability, and economics.

Advantages of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can work  24*7 with no pay, This is the greatest benefit of artificial intelligence over humans, These machines can work without break & rest, they do not need to be paid, This feature attracts employers as they can save on monthly payment, Artificial intelligence is the future of our technology, and it is a blessing.

Artificial intelligence is used in decision making & it can think faster, These features make AI attractive & popular, Artificial intelligence has all the benefits of a machine over humans, Machines do not take additional expenditures such as transportation costs, allowances, incentives, sick leaves or annual leaves, They have no complaints of being overloaded, and they do not get tired like humans.

Artificial intelligence replaces humans in certain jobs, It can be used for doing boring & repetitive jobs, So, human resources can be wisely utilized for other creative purposes, These machines can assist and help humans in many tasks including difficult ones, They can be used in all fields but their importance increases when it is a dangerous job.

Dangerous tasks can be assigned to AI, as they can adapt to circumstances & external environment, and chances or damage to them are less likely, At the same time, if humans are involved, it can cause death or serious injury, So, human life can be saved by using AI for such tasks, Space exploration can be done with the help of AI, They have to be created & programmed in that manner, reducing human risk in certain jobs is an advantage to mankind.

Artificial intelligence has made our life much easier, such as Siri in our smartphones & GPS system, GPS guides us to our desired destination, if we miss our way, or when we take the wrong route, We stay strong with the help of GPS, AI is used in smartphones which helps us by guessing the word we are going to type or by automatically correcting our spelling errors.

It is artificially created, it is a machine, a robot, sometimes in the form of an app, So, it is capable of doing whatever is instructed, Machines can work faster than humans, and there will be no errors at all, AI will do the assigned tasks in the manner how it is programmed, if there is an error in its creation or programming, only chances of making mistakes are there, AI can offer greater efficiency when compared to humans, It can work the whole day & night without rest and increase productivity, Multitasking is another ability of AI, it is a competitor to humans.

Artificial intelligence can be used in the medical field, These machines can give feedback to researchers on the side effects of various medicines, Artificial intelligence can assist doctors with lengthy medical procedures, It can be an assistant as well as a tutor, It depends upon how they are programmed, AI can be used in recovering patients from depression state & to keep them active, These developments in the medical field with the help of artificial intelligence is highly appreciatable.

Artificial intelligence can be used in decision-making as well, machines do not have any sort of emotions, their decisions can’t be influenced, and the decisions taken by machines will be accurate & apt, In the case of humans, there is a tendency for emotions & bias influencing their decisions, This can be avoided through artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence reduces human involvement, you can get the work done by the system or machine itself, The difference is that artificial intelligence is a job done without any involvement of the brain, the human being will try to find shortcuts and easy approaches that can create unexpected problems, But the machine or the system will work the way it is designed, This will ensure that the work is completed in the desired way.

Artificial Intelligence acts as 24/7 aid to children with disabilities or the elderly, It could act as a source for learning and teaching, It could be part of security alerting you to possible fires, or fending off crime, The machines will make fewer mistakes, they are emotionless & more efficient.

There is no risk of harm, when we are exploring new undiscovered lands or planets, when a machine gets broken or dies, there is no harm done as they don’t feel, they don’t have emotions, Whereas humans can’t go on the same type of expeditions, he can be exposed to high-risk situations.

Artificial intelligence helps humans avoid risks in research & space exploration, Mars rover is known as Curiosity, It can travel across the landscape of Mars, exploring it and determining the best paths to take, while learning to think for itself, AI system presents many benefits in areas such as demand forecasting, medical diagnosis & oil exploration.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can’t fully replace humans, Machines can’t act like human brains, They are capable of doing what they are programmed for but nothing more than that, There is a limit to their creativity, understanding, thinking ability and so on, So, artificial intelligence is not a complete replacement for humans, but some fear that robots will dominate humans in the future.

Artificial intelligence will not take a salary, humans can’t work day & night without rest, The preferences of the management have changed which leads to unemployment issues, AI will perform every task better than humans, It can create unemployment in certain sectors, It will take up many of our jobs, So, masses of people will be jobless.

The costs of using artificial intelligence are too much, It is not an easy task to get a machine to do your jobs, The purchase, maintenance and repair cost require high investment, We should include the charges for updating software according to the changing requirements, So, only some organizations can afford the cost of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can do more bad than good, criminals or terrorists can use AI to do various tasks, They will utilize artificial intelligence to commit crimes which will have a greater impact than anyone can imagine, AI technology can cause mass destruction, where robot armies could be formed, or they could be a malfunction or be corrupted.

Any small defect cropping up in the system can create havoc in the process, So, a very good system should be used to monitor the correct functioning of the machine, any little deviation should be noticed very early and it should be sorted out, a predesigned maintenance schedule should be used in AI to prevent problems.

Artificial intelligence will displace many low-skilled jobs, robots have taken many jobs on the assembly line, A self-driving car can’t perfectly be driven like a human-driven car, and driverless cars could displace the need to millions of human drivers, from taxi drivers to chauffeurs, very quickly, Artificial intelligence carries the risk of taking control away from humans, Humans can take unique circumstances & judgment calls into account when they make their decisions.

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