The importance of using laptops in education

Laptops in education

Learning computer skills are becoming the main part of education , the students can learn to type efficiently , they can use basic computer functions such as word processing , email and web browsing .

When the schools allow using the laptops in the classroom , it will help the students to learn the computer skills , it can allow the students to have contact with other computers .

Using laptops in classrooms will help the students to learn to type quickly and accurately , they can record notes much faster than writing by hand  .

Laptop in education

Laptop in education

Technology is used in conducting research , developing the materials , managing the student information , and communicating with the colleagues , the students , and the parents .

The laptops can help students stay organized and remember the school work , the students can easily review their work all in one place , They can edit , change and copy their work , they can also send their work via email .

The students can learn writing skills , creativity , communication and cooperation by using technology in learning , so , it will improve the students’ skills and competencies .

The laptops can facilitate the work for both the teachers and the students , they increase the interaction among the students , the teachers and the parents .

The students can obtain high-quality information , they can develop their autonomy , they will have greater attentiveness , they will get individualized differentiated learning  .

The students will engage the interactive and meaningful learning using multimedia support , they will develop ICT skills and they will learn more  و  Using technology in learning will be a positive impact on the school achievement , and it will break down the barriers between the school and the society .

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