Robotics, Automation in Construction uses, advantages and disadvantages

Automation in construction reduces construction time, It increases quality control, The scope of construction automation is wide, It contains construction stages like the prefabrication of construction components, production of the construction material, on-site construction, recycling of structures, the operation & maintenance of buildings, and demolition.

Construction automation advantages

Automation in construction works continuously & the construction period decreases, this will offer large economic advantages, construction automation improves the safety of labors and it enhances the quality of the work, It changes the way the project is carried out, So, the need for manual labors will be decreased soon and the work will be conducted automatically.

There are many applications of automation in construction, The robots can improve construction project, They save more lives and have now proven to be very successful, They are programmed by humans, They never get tired & can work on certain tasks 24 x 7.

Robots offer more precise & uniform quality products compared with the products produced by experienced workers, They can replace the labors in those tasks that involve difficult physical work, They can carry out jobs much easier which is hardly done by the labors.

Automation can decline costs, It increase efficiency and productivity, It can conduct labor tasks at dangerous locations at substantial height places, Robotics enhance the work environment because the workers will be distanced from uncomfortable work positions.

Nearly 100% automation is applied in the production of construction materials such as cement, steel, glass, aluminum, and wood, Approximately partial automation robotics is used in road construction, tunneling, and earthworks.

Automation of precast components is very useful as it presents products of high quality, The quality is not changing & the waste of the factory is declined, You can decrease the factory waste because of using the required amount of materials that is arranged with the help of computer planning & programming.

Engineers within the automation industry need to replace the manual workforce and replace bricklayers, joiners or ground-workers with robots & operators, It can address the shortage of skilled labours, By collaborating with automation & robotics,  the construction industry can reduce waste, and increase the demand for housing.

Automation can be used for concrete precast component production, Many precast components can be produced as per buyer’s demand, Many apparatuses can be used for different purposes on the project site such as concrete screeding, finishing, scrubbing, and cleaning, Partially automated overhead construction system is used for the construction of high rise reinforced concrete frame.

Robotics and wood prefabrication automation have progressed, Wood processing has shifted from manual processing to complete processing utilizing computer numerical controlling machines, many automated plants produce prefabricated house components and very limited handwork is involved.

Robots help humans work more effectively, They will replace many jobs that are performed by humans, and the collaboration between humans and robots is reducing absenteeism, Robots are more precise than humans, they don’t tremble or shake as human hands, They perform tasks with more accuracy than humans.

Robotics in masonry prefabrication raise the production of masonry blocks and it decrease manpower & labor costs, Plants that produce masonry elements can be completely automatic or partially automated, Robots can be used to lay the bricks and they can lay up to 1000 bricks in an hour, They can work on certain tasks without error & they can increase the efficiency.

If you want to use robotics in construction, there’s a strong need for harmonic cooperation between humans & robots, The construction workers should focus on the tasks where their presence is necessary, while the robots can be used where strength & speed is essential, They can complete bigger tasks in less time and they can bring a noticeable change in construction.

Robots in construction can transform the industry to a great extent, They can cause fewer mistakes on site and will result in fewer delays & repair activities, So, they have a positive impact on the budget of the whole project, They can guarantee accuracy, they can lock human errors out of the construction process, This applies both to the job on site and on the scheduling and planning of the entire process.

Construction automation is very useful for construction workers, they can stay in better condition for a longer time, Robots can be in charge of the heavy manual labor leaving the people on site to supervise the whole project, They will improve workplace safety, Some of the most dangerous tasks on-site operation will be conducted automatically & with higher accuracy.

The construction industry is a slow & monotonous field, if robotics get incorporated into the construction process, It will offer big solutions to the labor shortage problem that construction is currently dealing with, They can reduce the overall cost of the construction process, They can minimize the project delays in conjunction, They can limit the expenses & this can lead to more affordable housing options.

They can perform the tasks faster & with higher precision, This can lead to more enduring construction structures that can fit perfectly to their surroundings, robots will offer more long-term building solutions and they will promote new building forms.

Robots help you to plan the projects more effectively, They can increase the precision of the whole procedure which will allow all the agents working within construction to stick to the given deadlines and save both time and financial resources.

Robots offer great help on many construction sites around the world, They offer high speed and accuracy, Street laying machines are used in construction, The supply of the machine with bricks is conducted manually, but the rest of the task is fully automatic, This allows for better & faster results.

Autonomous Mining Trucks do a great job in construction, They will be a serious game-changer in the upcoming years, Their use allows for higher productivity on site and lower operating costs, they increase safety for people working on site.

Remote Control Bulldozer can be controlled remotely, The ability to remotely drive your bulldozer offers a lot in terms of safety, it can offer the person who controls it a better sense of space, it prevents any serious accidents and 3D Printed Bridges will be a superb component of construction’s future.

Disadvantages of robots in construction

Construction Automation has many drawbacks, low quality of the final product, shortages of skilled labors, the safety of labor, poor weather conditions, and a short construction period which nowadays are features of the project.

Robots can increase the unemployment rate, So, human labour is no longer required in many manufacturing plants, They can handle their prescribed tasks, but they cannot handle unexpected situations, If the robots do all the work, the humans will sit and monitor them, health hazards will increase rapidly, Obesity will be on top of the list.

If you want to install an automatic plant, You will need a huge amount of money, You will suffer from high expenses if your operation relies on too many robots, Robots are not as intelligent as humans, They can’t improve their jobs outside the pre-defined programming because they simply cannot think for themselves.

To acquire the right robot, You will need someone that knows how to handle it, The companies need money and time to train their employees to use this technology, Robots require manual labour attached to them, Training the employees on how to work with the robots has a cost attached to it.

They operate based on information fed to them through a chip, If one thing goes wrong, the entire company bears the loss, Where the robot saves time, it can also result in a lag in the machine, you need extra time to fix it and you would require reprogramming.

The cost of buying the robots remains extremely high, So, It will accumulate to fewer companies that have the financial capacity to acquire them, and many small or medium-scale construction companies may go out of business.

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