Humanoid robots use, types, risks, advantages and disadvantages

Humanoid Robots can be used in everyday life where they can do the jobs that people wouldn’t want to do, They can do them more efficiently as well, They will get more adept all the time, They will do cheaply and easily tasks that the human workers do now, It is a great challenge in robotics to build robots that do things like humans in a world made for humans, They can move and perform well-designed tasks. 

Humanoid Robot

It is a robot with its overall appearance based on that of the human body, It consists of a torso with a head, two arms and two legs, although some forms of humanoid robots may model only part of the body, for example, from the waist up, They may also have a face, with eyes and a mouth, Androids are humanoid robots built to resemble the male human, and Gynoids are humanoid robots built to resemble the human female.

The first humanoid robot was created by a Japanese engineer named Masahiro Mori. It was called WABOT-1 and was able to walk, turn its head, and move its arms. Humanoid robots come in all shapes and sizes. Some are as tall as humans, while others are as small as children. Some are designed to look as realistic as possible, while others have a more cartoonish appearance.

Humanoid robots can be used to create realistic virtual reality experiences. Some humanoid robots are even being developed to be used as sex robots. In the future, we may see humanoid robots working alongside humans in a variety of roles, from providing healthcare to assisting with manufacturing.

Advantages of Humanoid Robot

A humanoid robot has a head designed to replicate human facial features like the eyes and mouths, It can be used for functional purposes, like interacting with human tools and environments, for experimental purposes, such as the study of locomotion, or for other purposes.

Humanoid robots can perform any task a human being can, so long as they have the proper software, Although they look realistic, they have no cognition or physical autonomy, They can be used for future dangerous and distant space exploration missions, They can serve as companions and assistants for humans in daily life, they can be used as ultimate helpers in man-made and natural disasters.

Humanoid robots will be useful to many people around the globe, We can use these robots for educational purposes as well, Robotics is being used by teachers to help instruct students on how to program, Robot teacher is also used to interact with children and teach them to do simple tasks.

Humanoid robots are used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and customer service. For example, humanoid robots can be used to provide companionship to patients in hospitals, assist with assembly line tasks in factories, and greet customers in stores.

Humanoid robots can perform a wide variety of tasks. They can be used for customer service, entertainment, healthcare, education, and more. Some humanoid robots are used for use in disaster relief and space exploration. Humanoid robots are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Many humanoid robots can now walk, talk, and interact with humans in a natural way. Some can even recognize emotions and respond accordingly.

Many people can benefit from these humanoid robots, They will take care of the sick, collect the rubbish, guard homes and offices, and give directions on the street, Life with Humanoid Robots in society will be very different but very efficient and the economy will be increased.

Corporations and businesses will also be appreciative of the robots because they could use them to replace jobs, This means less money that businesses will have to fork out to their employees, They can be used as entertainers and in commercial spaces but they will not undertake major tasks, These robots can do amazing things that even people could not do, They can now sing and dance and look almost like the human when doing so.

Most artificial intelligence does not need a body to work, the human body is very hard to replicate and there is much more work to be done, They can be useful in helping elderly people live in their own homes to respond to disasters, There are great developments and rapid advancement in the engineering and control aspects of the humanoid robotics.

Humanoid robots can be used to help the military, They can move, gather information (using sensors) on the real world and interact with it, They do not yet have some features of the human body, They include structures with variable flexibility, which offer safety (to the robot itself and to the people), and redundancy of movements and Law enforcement will benefit from the humanoid robots.

Humanoid Robots can take care of the elderly and they can be programmed to ensure that they will not be disrespectful, as well as be around an elderly person full time and be able to care for their needs and safety, They do not make mistakes is also beneficial in the workplace.

Humanoid Robots can work in factories and do the same thing over and over again and without any difference, Humans, on the other hand, will get tired after doing the same thing repetitively and could easily make a mistake.

Humanoid Robots can do many things that people can do and even things that people are unable to do, The sale and development of these Humanoid Robots will help increase the economy, Having these robots can make companies more efficient in their work and spur the economy with their revenue growth.

Humanoid Robots do not make the mistakes that are useful to some countries, They prefer to have the robots do menial jobs rather than low-wage immigrants from other countries, The people prefer the robots because they do not make mistakes and there is no chance for them to be disrespectful.

Humanoid Robots can be used with children, They can be used to teach children or read to them,  They can help children with autism immensely, They can assist the sick and elderly, They can be used in dirty or dangerous jobs, They are suitable for some procedurally-based vocations, such as reception-desk administrators and automotive manufacturing line workers, they can use the tools and operate equipment and vehicles designed for the human form.

A great development in science and technology leads to advanced humanoid mechatronic systems that are rich in complex sensorimotor capabilities, It is an emerging and challenging research field, that has received great attention during the past years and will continue to play a central role in robotics research.

Disadvantages of Humanoid Robots

A humanoid robot is very expensive, depending on how advanced the robot is, As humanoid robot starts becoming more and more available to society, it will be mostly the wealthy who will be able to afford them, It will replace the jobs, Although this will be beneficial to many companies, it will hurt those who have jobs in certain fields, such as nurses, pharmacists, secretaries, etc.

The advanced humanoid robots will be able to complete a variety of tasks, but they cost a lot of money, For middle-class and low-income families, It is a high expense that many people can’t afford, The price of humanoid robots is high enough that everyone can’t own one, one of the common problems tackled in the humanoid robotics is the understanding of the human-like information processing and the underlying mechanisms of the human brain in dealing with the real world.

If you have these robots doing these everyday jobs for you, You will become too dependent on robots, If you have robots that will take out the trash, do the dishes, cook the food, and watch the children, You will become lazy, and dependent if you have such robots doing your chores for you, This is another downfall of the evolving “humanoid robot.”

A lot of people will suffer from the humanoid robot, Humanoid robot will replace their jobs, and many jobs can be replaced by automation systems and robots, The humanoid robots will one day replace the jobs of middle-class people, They will take nearly all traditional labor roles in the society like firefighting, food service, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and community policing, If the humanoid robots take over middle-class citizens jobs, our economy will be negatively affected.

Types of Humanoid robots

Ocean One is a bimanual and underwater humanoid robot that Stanford Robotics labs created to explore the coral reefs, It can reach out to the depth of water that humans can’t reach, It is the epitome of artificial intelligence and the synergy of robotics, many people call it the ‘robot mermaid’ that is useful for managing underwater pressure, and its anthropomorphic design has many navigational capabilities.

Atlas is the most dynamic humanoid robot in work used for rescue missions, Supervised by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), it is highly effective in tough terrains and manages obstacles. Atlas is a humanoid robot developed by Boston Dynamics that is known for its agility and athleticism. It can do backflips, walk through rough terrain, and even open doors. The first humanoid robot to compete in the Olympics was Atlas.

Sophia is a famous humanoid robot, it can answer several questions, it was immobile, but after getting legs in 2018, movement is possible. Sophia robot is the first robot to receive citizenship in a country. She was granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia in 2017.

You can play a soccer game with adorable baby-sized robots, Nao is a superb 23-inch robot that took part in the RoboCup standard platform league, This humanoid robot’s working includes sensors, software, and motors. Nao is a helpful humanoid robot that helps offer education to autistic children, Even in India’s famous institutions like IIT Kanpur and IIT Allahabad, this human-robot made its first premiere.

Petman is a humanoid robot that is used for many chemical and biological tests, US military made use of this robot. It is nearly 6 feet tall and weighs 80 kilos, It can walk at the speed of 7.08 Km every hour and is known as a speedy bipedal robot, The robot’s surface has many sensors and works in times of chemical or biological warfare.

Robear is a humanoid robot, it defines the gentle machine touch and it is used for lighter operation purposes, Japan highly uses this robot to carry out tasks like carrying patients with a human touch. Its earlier models were released in the years 2009 and 2011, For the healthcare industry, this is a great robot.

Pepper is the following type of humanoid robot that expresses various emotions like joy, sadness, and anger, It is a natural robot having several facial expressions, and it is used for interaction in banks, stores, and even supermarkets. The most expensive humanoid robot is Asimo, which was created by Honda. Asimo cost $2.5 million to develop.

The most famous humanoid robot in science fiction is probably C-3PO from Star Wars. C-3PO is a protocol droid that can speak over six million languages. Asimo is a humanoid robot developed by Honda that is known for its human-like movements. It can walk, run, climb stairs, and even dance.

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