The importance and uses of military robots

The military robots

The military robots are the autonomous robots or remote-controlled devices which designed for the military applications , They can walk through the minefields , deactivating unexploded bombs or clearing out hostile buildings .

The military robots can do the most dangerous tasks instead of the soldiers , If there were something wrong , we would only lose the money of the robots instead of losing the soldier life .

Robots in military

The robots in military

The military robots do not get tired , they do not need to sleep , they do not know fear , they are tele-operated and not equipped with weapons , and they are used for the surveillance , the sniper detection , And they can neutralize  the explosive devices .

The military robots include the cameras , the video screens , the force sensors and the special grippers , they can do the risky jobs with these integrated system , and they have different shapes according to the purposes of each robot .

The military robots  job is the assistant of the soldier , they can help to make the human life easier , they help to save them from risks in the dangerous areas .

The military robots can perform duties similar to human duties without the actual danger to human lives  , they can endure the damage done by the bombs or other types of weaponry that would  destroy the human body .

The military robots are in various sizes , some of them can fit into the spaces which are fit easily accessible for the humans as tight and the dark spaces that  are common and the robots are a perfect fit for doing that task .

The military robots can be used  not only to disarm the bombs and the weapons , but to hold and fire ,  They are also equipped with machine gun like features which make these medium sized robots appear to be a small army.

The military gave the robots the jobs which are dirty , dangerous and boring as Bomb disposal that can expose the human life to death as losing the robots is better that losing the human life .

The robots can replace the soldiers in the dangerous missions such as crawling through the caves or in the streets during the wars , They can reduce the  casualties .

The military robots can reduce the civilian casualties , they can make faster decisions than the  humans , they can not feel anger, the revenge , the hunger , the fear, the fatigue , or the stress .

The military robots can use video or other sensors to monitor the human soldiers on both sides of a battle for violations of the laws of war , They have been used for the reconnaissance and the direct warfare .

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