ChatGPT review, features, advantages and disadvantages

Chat GPT is a natural language processing tool that can be used to generate text with minimal effort, It was designed for quizzes, language translation, paragraph creation, etc, Chat GPT is developed by Open AI and launched on 30 Nov 2022, you can get accurate and best answers to your questions.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a piece of software based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) that simulates conversation or chat between users and is known as a chatbot, The ChatGPT is one of the applications of chatbot that is designed on top of GPT-3, The GPT-3 is a very powerful language model which makes use of machine learning algorithms to simulate human-machine interface.

The ChatGPT is a variant of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), It uses a complex machine learning model, ChatGPT processes language and helps to create responses automatically, Generative Pre-trained Transformer is an artificial intelligence (AI) model that can generate human-like text, It offers many applications such as language translation, summarization, and content generation.

How did Chat GPT evolve?

Chat GPT is a natural language processing model developed by OpenAI, first published in a research paper in 2018, It is an AI-based tool, After the user has signed up, the dashboard screen appears, and users can start interacting with the ChatGPT bot, ChatGPT replies to your query in the same screen and above the box provided for query, User can modify the query and pose it again and again till he/she satisfies with the response from the ChatGPT, ChatGPT learns itself from the past query and provides adequate response for future queries to the user.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT

Features of ChatGPT

ChatGPT understands the overall context of a query or conversation and generates specific responses that are relevant to the topic, It can learn from previous conversations and utilize the same to provide relevant responses to any future queries based on learning, It improves over time and becomes a more effective chatbot. ChatGPT can be used as a language-learning tool, and it can be used as a language-translation tool.

Advantages of using Chat GPT

ChatGPT is a natural language processing (NLP) technology that has recently gained significant traction, It stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” It has various applications in various industries, including social media, healthcare, customer service, and financial services.

Generative Pre-trained Transformer can create conversational AI applications, such as chatbots, that can carry out natural conversations with customers and other stakeholders, GPT can analyze many types of written text, such as texts and spoken language, and offer accurate responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and customer queries.

ChatGPT is highly scalable and efficient, making it a cost-effective option for companies of all sizes, It is highly accurate, with a low rate of false positives and negatives, It can offer a more comprehensive conversation than other technologies due to its ability to analyze written and spoken language.

Generative Pre-trained Transformer uses Natural language processing trained to process and understand natural language, making it an effective tool for communicating with people who may not speak the same language or have different communication styles. Making Homework for children will become easy and they will be dependent on Chat GPT which will reduce their thinking capabilities.

ChatGPT presents some distinct advantages over traditional customer service solutions, it can offer real-time support 24/7, enabling customers to get help faster, It can process multiple conversations at once, It can save time by quickly responding to inquiries, GPT can be used to offer a more personalized experience for customers, as it can understand the nuances of language and offer individualized responses.

Chat GPT offers fast and personalized answers, It is cost-effective, and it presents accurate answers to your questions, when people search for their query, it offers the exact answers to their questions in detail, and you can know everything about your query, When you search for something on google many different websites appear in a row but here you can directly ask your questions and get your solutions.

Chat GPT is free to use and there are no paid charges applied for it. One new option has been provided, if you did not like or were unsatisfied with his result, you can share your feedback and according to it, they update their data. Chat Bot offers personalized recommendations and different answers to everyone. it offers quick answers which are often done by humans.

ChatGPT presents specific responses to user queries, It can remember the interactions that it had previously with the user in the same prompt tree and utilizes it to offer information surrounding those responses, It allows users to have follow-up corrections until he/she gets satisfied with the response, It has been trained to decline in-appropriate requests.

Disadvantages of using Chat GPT

Chat GP is a learning model that can only respond based on feed data, when there are feeds in the trained data, they can also be represented in the answer to the corresponding question, ChatGPT doesn’t understand like the human brain, If you use it, use it only after checking the relevant content.

The chatbot can offer inaccurate or misinformed answers, the GPTs are trained through trial-and-error, and they are only as accurate as the data and algorithms they are based on, so, some chatbot conversations could result in frustration and confusion for customers trying to get help.

ChatGPT cannot handle complex questions or requests, Many GPTs are trained to have basic conversations, such as providing answers to frequently asked questions or serving up basic product information, so, customers may only be able to get in-depth assistance if they have complicated questions.

ChatGPTs need more time to offer timely responses due to the time it takes for the program to respond, GPTs need to take the time to process and generate a response, and customers may have to wait longer than they would with a human customer service agent.

ChatGPT can’t empathize with users or understand their emotions, making it challenging to offer support in certain situations. Chat GPTs have a limited range of topics they can discuss, GPTs are trained on specific datasets, and they can only offer advice and knowledge on issues within their domain.

ChatGPT can end human creativity, and reduce human Intelligence, People will stop working hard, Children’s thinking capabilities can be reduced, and faith in wrong answers. At present, Chat GPT can only provide answers in the English language.

ChatGPT can generate incorrect information occasionally, so, validate your response yourself specifically when it involves calculations or formula or language-related code examples to specific queries such as MATLAB or python codes, ChatGPT can be manipulated to violate the policies and restrictions that have been enforced on it by using cleverly-thought responses, It has limited knowledge of latest technologies and events which are yet to be trained on the model.

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